Podcast Rec :: The Secret Room

This one is another voyeur-type podcast. And I’m HERE for it!

The premise is that people offer up their stories (anonymously) about their deepest secrets that no one in their lives know (or at least only a few know) and spill the tea with host Ben Hamm.

Some of the secrets have been:

*a secret tattoo

*a man actually killed his mother and the family thought she died naturally

*a secret fling with a spouse’s bestie

*how someone faked their way to a college degree

*a boy who (illegally) traveled to the US to make it in Hollywood.


…and so much more. Find The Secret Room on all your favorite podcasting apps.

Pro-tip: if you become a Patron on Patreon you get access to behind the scenes stuff and in-depth interviews that didn’t make it to the main feed.

Let me know in the comments if you already listen or if you have other suggestions!


Logo Options

Hi all
I’m considering changing the logo for Collected Sounds. I’m not a fantastic graphic designer, but I had an idea in my head, and I sort of got it to materialize. I picked out the colors I liked and made several choices based on those and my general idea. Please let me know which ones(s) you like the best.

Podcast Rec :: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole podcast logo

This recommendation isn’t going to be for everyone. But I’m really trying not to do all True Crime, LOL.

Come to think of it, one might consider this crime. Anyway, the Rabbit Hole is about how the YouTube algorithm (suggesting or auto-playing videos that it thinks you will like based on the one you’re watching) is forming people’s world views. It’s actually pretty terrifying.This is not a deep dive, but if you’re not totally familiar with this phenomenon this is a good place to start.



Listen to The Rabbit Hole here or using any of your favorite podcast apps. Let me know what you think!

First Aid Kit livestream

Musik fest 2020Virtual Musikfest  is a 10 day music festival going on now. Each day is a different category: the Noise, The Indies, The Solos, etc.

It’s Free at Noon (11am central) -.Tune in now to see who is playing each day through August 9th (note, tomorrow the 2nd is the Pixies!!)

The Singers – Wed, Aug 5 @ 12:00pm EDT (11:00am central) features First Aid Kit along with The Lone Bellow,The Wood Brothers, I’m With Her, The Cactus Blossoms, Darlingside Various, Philadelphia Click here to watch


New Lissie Music

LissieLissie’s unreleased song from “Catching A Tiger”, Just Because I Can, is out today! 

Listen here: 

Also she is doing a livestream TOMORROW form the Parkway Theater (in Minneapolis!) with her band .

A portion of the proceeds are going to the theater & the band and if you can’t watch live your ticket lets you watch later.

Buy your tickets here