About Parlor Parties

Parlor parties are currently on indefinite hold.

Collected Sounds Parlor Parties is an off-shoot of the website Collected Sounds. We host concerts in our Carriage House. We book traveling musicians (and some locals too) to play nice intimate shows. We cater mostly to the folk, pop crowd. These are pretty mellow shows, think ‘Listening Party’ more than ‘Punk Concert’.

We can fit about 40 people comfortably in the carriage house. I do supply some non-alcoholic beverages and some light munchies which are included in the ticket price. If guests want to drink alcoholic beverages that is fine, but they must bring their own.

We have this great carriage house that was an apartment for years but now we want to use it for our music related activities. So we’re going to open it up as a venue of sorts. So while it’s not really “house concerts” is still kind of is.

One thing to be aware of about the change of venue…the carriage house is on two floors and the main space is up a flight of narrow stairs. So it is not exactly handicapped accessible.

Because we now have to make an income on this space, we’re changing a few things. The main thing being that we’re going to sell tickets to these events. Instead of having a donation jar and hoping people donate, (and being depressed for civilization when they don’t) we’re selling tickets in advance.

Collected Sounds IS a business (albeit non-profit) so It’s time we started treating it like one. I feel that selling tickets will also discourage no-shows since there won’t be refunds offered. I’m tired of dealing with folks that go awol with no notice. In fact, that was one of the reasons I stopped doing this. Now, as long as we’re getting their ticket fee I don’t really care if they come or not. This way the artist still gets paid even if people flake out.

Since we’re putting on these shows and offering the room, the equipment and the refreshments, and doing all the planning and advertising, we will now be taking a cut of the ticket sales. Not much, but hopefully enough that it doesn’t end up costing me as it did before.

All merchandise sales still go 100% to the artist.

The good news is that since it’s not all hush-hush and since it’s not in my actual home where I live and sleep, we can advertise a little more. I’m still not going to rent out billboards, but I feel much better putting up signs and posting it online on places like Craigslist and other event websites. I’ll also be handing out flyers to random people on the street and at other shows. I encourage artists to do the same. Heck, maybe we’ll even get a street team.

Another plus for some is that the dogs and cats will not be invited. They will stay over in the main house. So allergies shouldn’t be a problem. While the animals are allowed over there when we’re not having shows, we clean well before shows and will try our best to get rid of all the animal fur/dander.

I do hope these changes will be for the better. For everyone!

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