Information for Artists

Want to play a show at Collected Sounds?

Sorry! Right now Parlor Parties at Collected Sounds are on indefinite hold. We are not scheduling shows at this time. Unless your name is Sarah McLachlan :)

If you’ve stumbled onto this page and are interested in playing a Collected Sounds house concert here are some things to know about booking.

I already have lots of artists that want to play here and that I want to have, so the odds of me agreeing to someone brand new are not all that great. But not impossible either. Especially if I am already a fan of your music.

I prefer to only book folks I have seen live already or am already familiar with. So if you are playing in the Minneapolis area any time soon and are interested in this in the future, please let me know and let me know when and where the show is. If I think your music is a good fit for this series I will try and come. Then we can see what we can do.

If we are already “in talks” about you playing here, the rest of this info is for you!

What you get Money-wise:
I am changing this a little and this is why it’s different from house concerts. Collected Sounds is now a venue. A real live venue. So I’m going to actually sell tickets in advance. The donation thing didn’t always work. I never felt right taking a cut of donations to help pay for the food, advertising, time etc and as a result pretty much went broke putting these on. So Collected Sounds will be taking a cut, a percentage of the ticket sales. The rest goes to you.

100% of merchandise sales still goes to you, the artist and CD sales are usually good….unless you’ve already played here before and have not released a new album since.

We can seat up to 40 guests on chairs, sofas, and bean bag chairs. Many more if they don’t mind sitting on the floor. The room is 18’x33′. My usual attendance is around 15. But I’ve had up to 40 and as low as 7. I’m guessing that ticket sales will help this. Once someone buys a ticket they’ll show (because they aren’t getting a refund if they don’t.)

I do believe the artist and I share the responsibility to fill the room. There is a good chance most of my guest list doesn’t know the artist and are coming based on my recommendation alone. So the artist needs to also bring in their fan base. We used to have to keep kind of hush-hush about this. But now that we’re doing it more of a venue style rather than house concert I feel we can both advertise more.

My address is confidential. Once given to the artist it is not to be posted on the Internet or anywhere else. Guests are given the exact location once they RSVP. Think of it as a speakeasy! This may change if I get more brave about my home address being online.

The Show:
The show is usually about two hours start to finish. Figure play for 45 minutes, take a 15-minute break, and play for another 30 minutes. But I am totally open to changes on this.

You may play either acoustic/unplugged or plugged in. Currently I do have a have mics and stands (2) and a mixer and speaker/amp.

We like to record the show. We don’t use it for anything but our own listening pleasure. We will never sell it. You get a copy too. Let us know if you don’t want us to record.

You are encouraged to set up a merchandise table. All sales go to you.

I put out light munchies and non-alcoholic beverages; which are offered to the guests as part of the ticket price (you are free to indulge as well.) They’re free to bring their own alcoholic beverages. But are warned that silly drunken behavior may show up on YouTube.

Other stuff:
I offer to buy you either dinner the night of the show, or breakfast the next morning. We have some great restaurants really close.

I also offer a place to stay. We’ve turned this carriage house into a sort of Inn. We normally will be charging for people to stay here, but if you are playing a show you get one night free.

I also have a guest bedroom with a comfy bed for longer stays (unless you want to pay to stay in the carriage house more than one night, it’s $50 per night, but you get a great place with lots of privacy!)

[Email me] if you’re interested.