Not accepting new submissions!
Well, you can go ahead and send whatever you like, but I can’t promise it will be listened to.

[WHY NOT?!!]

So you want a CD Review?

First of all, if you’ve reached this page on your own, congratulations!!! You’d be surprised how many people just hear about this website without finding the link for this info or even visiting the site at all!
Please read this…I spent a lot of time writing it so that we’re both on the same page. By asking for a review, you are asking hours worth of time from me, so please have a heart and spend 10 minutes or so reading this. We will both be rewarded! I’ll try and make it entertaining.

Also, I’m no longer going to even attempt to review everything I get. I just can’t. [See here]

The criteria is simple. The artist must write his/her own music (some covers are OK) and playing an instrument is a plus.
This site is primarily for indie (mostly female) musicians in the pop/rock/folk world yet people still insist on sending me gangsta rap. Seriously. What is up with that?

Sending your music:
I used to only accept CDs in physical form. Now I am only accepting submissions digitally. The reason being that I can no longer afford a mailbox. It started out costing $99 a year and when I went to renew last it was $102 for three months. Since I make about $15 a month on this (thanks to my one sponsor) I can’t afford it anymore. Most people prefer to send music digitally anyway. It’s cheaper for the sender as well. So for now, this is how it will have to be. If you absolutely need to mail me something physical [email me] and I can give you my home address. But I won’t post it online.

To submit a digital copy of your album:
Please do not just send me your full CD via email. My servers cannot handle it. You can send me a link and I will go there download it. However, please include in your email, all the info that would normally be on a physical CD: Album cover shot and liner notes (track list, composers, and performers on the tracks, if it’s more than just you. These you can attach). I bio about you can’t hurt either. If I think your stuff looks like a good fit I’ll download it.

[Here] is an interesting article I found on CD Baby about How to important the CD presentation is when sending them for review. The bottom line is professionalism. If you’re not serious about your music why should I be?

Reviewing Your Music
I listen to AND KEEP every album I receive, even if I don’t care for it. So far I’ve received thousands of CDs and there are some I won’t listen to again. But I won’t get rid of them. Call me a pack rat. You should see the office! I have gifted some to others that I know would appreciate them much more than I do; but I never sell them. I also don’t keep the ones that are reviewed by my other reviewers. I let the reviewer keep the music as a trade since I can’t pay them.

I can’t review them all. I figured out that in order to do a proper educated review, I must listen to the record many times, play it loud in the car, really think about it. Then there’s the actual writing of the review. Sometimes that takes a long time. Sometimes I’m inspired, sometimes not. Once the review is written I have to create an entry for it. So in total, I spend around 8 hours on one review. It’s 8 hours I enjoy, don’t get me wrong! But it’s still a good deal of time.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to “pre-screen” artists and promise reviews. Please do not send me an email asking me to check out your Sonic Bids Press Kit, My Space or website and then tell you if I want to review it. There aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to everyone, decide, and then promise a review. I can never promise a review. Even if I like your stuff it’s always possible that the day your CD arrives, so do 30 others (it has happened) and I just cannot promise a review to everyone, and therefore not anyone. But I do what I can.

Please don’t be offended if someone other than me reviews your record. It can mean either: it wasn’t my favorite genre (this will happen with Country, Christian, Opera and Blues…I’m just not a good judge of these genres because I don’t care for them); or someone else sent me the review before I wrote mine, or I simply didn’t have time. Keep in mind, this site is a hobby for me, and I also have a 40 hour a week “real” job! :)

If I really don’t care for the music or it does not meet the criteria I may not write it up, mainly because I don’t have the heart to write something terribly unkind. But if I don’t review your CD it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Some music is just harder to review than others. On the flip side, if I review your record and I didn’t like it don’t go yelling at me. By sending me your album you are asking for my opinion. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask for it.

I do not charge to do Reviews. However, if I review your album and you’re happy with the review, and you believe my words will help you in some way (via either CD sales or you want to use my quotes in your press kit) a donation would be very much appreciated.

Also it would be great if you would link back to the site, either to the main page or your review.

If you decide to send your music, that’s great! I’d love to hear it and if it moves me, I’ll do what I can to promote it.

Thanks so much for your interest!