Open Letter to a Former Advertiser

Dear [redacted],

The other day I went to log into my account and was unable to log in. The page said that my account was deactivated due to it being dormant.

I log in at least 3 times a week in order to obtain links to post on my website when I do music reviews. This should prove to you that my account is not dormant. Your site offered that I could reactivate my account, but I’d have to re-read and accept your privacy policy. Since I’ve been burned by your company before, I wanted to read them. When I clicked on the link to see how/if they had changed, I got an error message saying the page does not exist.

I looked all over for a contact email address but you don’t provide one unless the user is signed in. That’s not very helpful since I am unable to sign in. So I’m sending this to you snail mail as well as posting it on my website.

I just wanted to let you, and all of my readers, know that you have deactivated my account for the last time. After what I consider stealing money for me, I’m finally done with your program.

I understand that I agreed to your terms of service, which you claim states that you are free to remove money from my account if goods aren’t purchased in what you deem to be a timely manner. However, I just read them again and I see nothing of the sort there. But I wish I hadn’t agreed to anything. To keep taking money from me is completely unfair. I have a fairly good number of daily visitors but I can’t help it if people are not purchasing the product as much as you would like. Trust me, I would like them to purchase more also.

The only reason I stuck with you as long as I did is that I really like one of your affiliates, eMusic. They were really the only advertiser I used once I realized that your other provided links brought no results. I stuck with you because eMusic was not a part of any other affiliate program that I am involved in. So now, I just accepted that I’d have to lose them as an advertiser. I’ve already written them a letter asking if we can work out something without going through you or if they would consider taking part in another affiliate program that doesn’t partake in shady business model. I am a member of a few other affiliate programs and none of them charge me anything to advertise for them. So I’m happy to let you go, even if it means I have to remove an advertiser I stand behind and of which I myself am a customer.

In the time I’ve been an affiliate with your program I have added your links to approximately 5,000 pages on my website. I’ve done everything I can think of. I’ve attached the links to my emails, I’ve posted them numerous places on the website, posted the links in forums, etc., and I’ve just not gotten a lot of takers.

What little commissions I did make you took back, then ultimately deactivated my account. I honestly don’t see what harm is being done to you as a company that you have to take money from me every few months. The way I see it I am doing YOU a favor by advertising for you and not making any money doing so. If [name redacted] were my company, I’d be happy to have a customer like me. I do all the work for you. You should not be punishing me.

So now my task is to go back to the 5,000+ pages on my website where I posted a link for people to use to sign up for eMusic. I removed about 5 yesterday and that took me 20 minutes. So as you can see this will cost me about 250 hours of my time (that equals over $16,500 if I were to bill for it) not to mention the hours I spent adding all the links to previous entries when I first joined and was so happy to be able to offer Emusic. So not only have you stolen a measly $36 from me but cost me so very much more.

A very unhappy (but happy to be ‘former’) customer.

PS: I found another affiliate program where I can advertise eMusic and they don’t make me pay for the pleasure.

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