Best of 2003

Amy’s Picks for Best Albums of 2003
In no particular order of preference just alphabetically.

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…and I am the Queen of the Moon by The Endless
The Endless have a nice thing going here. The music is varied in style/genre yet their style is unique. Adriana Roze has a gorgeous voice and along with David Roze makes some beautiful music.
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Afterglow by Sarah McLachlan
You can tell these songs had a lot of thought put into them both lyrically and melodically. Each one with it’s own special traits. No “written in 5 minutes” here. If there is, it’s disguised beautifully and further proves her genius. The orchestration and production is luxuriant and full and Sarah’s voice sounds better than ever. “Fumbling… fans rejoice!
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Aguafuego by Aguafuego
The sound is an mixture of jazz, world (Latin, mostly), and hip-hop. JBeatz’ voice at times recalls Sade. The music is sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit harsh (lyrically).
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Beth Waters by Beth Waters
This is another one of those CDs that you pop into the stereo and know within moments that it’s one you will be listening to over and over again for a long time. It feels like a staple in my music collection by the second song.
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Cold Weather by Brenda Weiler
I liked this CD immediately, but it has grown on me more and more with each listen. It’s beautiful. Get it now, you won’t regret it!
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Even Sleepers by Leah Callahan
This is a really great CD, I certainly hope that Leah Callahan puts out more recordings like this. If “cabaret, quirky”sounds cool to you, give this one a try.
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Girl Like Me by K.J. Denhert
The music is a little bit folky and a little bit “downtown”. It’s got a nice jazzy tone to it too.
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Horses and Burning Cars by Kate Fenner
So, is Kate Fenner gorgeous or what? The front cover is blurry but the photo on the back, wow. Lucky for us, her voice and style is as captivating as her face.
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In Parentheses by Charlotte Martin
Charlotte’s voice is a tad Tori, a tad Fiona only somehow she comes across much sweeter than both of those other ladies. Tori scares me and Fiona intimidates me. But Charlotte I want to have a drink with.
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Leave Me out of This by Fiel Garvie
Lead singer Anne Reekie has a lovely whispery voice that blends magically with the music; which is hovering in the neighborhood of Coldplay meets Cocteau Twins
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Leona Naess by Leona Naess
Still, upon first listen I felt I’d heard it before. That is not to say that it is derivative, but that it is comfortable, homey.
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More Songs! by Circe Link
According to Circe’s website, her musical career came as sort of a surprise to her. A song created itself in her head one day and it took off from there. I for one am glad it did.
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Perspective by Cat Kinsey
She has put together an exceptional album of quirky, poetic, rhythmic, intelligent songs. I so admire someone who can write lyrics that are so clever and smart that I bang my head and say ‘Why can’t I express things like that’.
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Republic of Two by Nedelle
Nedelle’s debut CD is filled with jazzy beats and her cool smooth voice. I fell like I’m in a jazz club when I listen.
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Swimmingly by Marie Frank
Frank’s voice is sweet and innocent while still being sexy. It helps that she is physically the cutest thing since puppies and kitties (she looks a little like Meg Ryan).
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The Chills by Lazy Lane
Lazy Lane’s debut recording gives the listener a lovely eerie feeling and I think that’s the intent judging by the front page of their website. It shows skeletons sitting around a dinner table. The art is beautiful and so is the music.
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The Era of Jerra by Jerra
It’s fun pop meets techno.
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The Pie-Love Sky by Jodi Shaw
Jodi Shaw’s CD is a lovely mixture of folk/pop, intelligent lyrics and a fabulous soothing voice.
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The Thing That Feels by Hannah Fury
Richly layered piano, orchestral music along with Hannah’s soft beautiful voice make this a great listen.
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The World is Bound By Secret Knots by Noe Venable
Now Venable is back with her soft haunting (yet powerful and emotional) voice.
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