Album Review: Japanese Graffiti by The Hussys

Album Name: Japanese Graffiti
Artist: The Hussys
Year/Label: 2009 / Fat Cheerleader Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This band is a little bit of a mystery for me. The envelope came from Glasgow, but there was no return address on it. They wrote a nice note but didn’t sign it and there’s no contact info. I can’t even find a website for them.(I did find a MySpace page later…)

OK so to the music. It’s kinda 80s (as so much new stuff is these days) and it’s really fun.

The title song is really party-friendly. It’s very catchy. It makes me want to see them live.

He’s Got that Bryan Ferry Look is catchy and really sounds like a throwback.

Life’s a Cow is cool too. They made good use of the synth.

Greatest Living Actress is really 80s girl band sound and probably my favorite track.

The more I hear this the more I like it. It’s super fun and makes me want to move. Very well constructed songs that will keep you moving and happy.

This is definitely a party CD. It doesn’t sound the best when it’s on low, it sounds messy and static-y but it sounds great loud.

Track Listing
1. Japanese Graffiti
2. Aftershave
3. Brian Ferry Look
4. Pick A Loveheart
5. Life’s A Cow
6. Library Lovers
7. Shop Dummies
8. Hot Electronics
9. Greatest Living Actress

[The Hussys Official Site]

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