Album Review:Monday’s Ghost by Sophie Hunger


Album Name: Monday’s Ghost
Artist: Sophie Hunger
Year/Label: 2009 / Two Gentlemen

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sophie Hunger has a voice that’s all her own on this startling debut album.
It’s restrained but full of candor and it illuminates her songs, which are sung in English or German.

The boat is full/Das bot ist voll is a lively song with cryptic words.

Walzer fur Niemand is indeed a waltz and a lovely one at that. Hunger’s very special voice shines and the melody is nice.

Sophie Hunger Blues is a surreal account of a dream, which is well played.

Drainpipes takes the prize for weirdest lyrics with the line “In the land with no drainpipes there’s a girl with a flute in her throat”. Not sure what it means, but it’s a cool song.

Sophie Hunger’s worth checking out.

Track Listing

1. Shape
2. The boat is full/Das boot ist voll
3. A protest song
4. Walzer fur niemand
5. Birth-day
6. Sophie Hunger Blues
7. Round and round
8. The tourist
9. Teenage Spirit
10. Rise and fall
11. Drainpipes
12. Monday’s Ghost
13. House of Gods
14. Spiegelbild

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