Frances Mai-Ling’s Chronology/ Best Kept Secret


The Limited Edition of Frances Mai-Ling’s Chronology/ Best Kept Secret (secret-expanded edition double disc) is now available for Pre-Order.

Here’s the link:
To be released Tuesday November 21, 2006.

What you’ll get:
~ ‘chronology.’ and ‘best kept secret – expanded edition’
~ Go Red For Women Red Dress Pin
~ American Heart Association ‘Learn & Live’ bracelet
Each set is autographed on insert.

Price: $21.99
Donation: $2.00 of each CD sold will be donated to the American Heart Association for research and education
Purpose: To help spread awareness about stroke and for women to join the Go Red For Women movement, that heart disease is the #1 killer amongst women. Availability: 100 exclusively available through

Track listing:
01. Walls – Chronology
02. Homage
03. Hold On
04. The Girl
05. Tears in My Palm
06. Firecracker
07. Not to be This Way
08. Conversations by Myself #9
09. Understatement
10. Commitment Song
11. Evil Theme – Best Kept Secret
12. Caliban’s Polka
13. “Love” For 2 Flutes And Cello
14. Homage
15. Starslider – Sonnet #137
16. Dance Of The Imps
17. Carnaval
18. Fiddler Forbear
19. Anticipation
20. Miser Dance
21. In The Beat Fo The Firey Drum
22. The Plan – BONUS TRACKS
23. Lurking Song
24. Contrary to Nature
25. Ceres Song
26. Did, Diana

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