Album Review: It’s About the Rose by Karen Marie Garrett


Album Name: It’s About the Rose

Artist: Karen Marie Garrett

Year/Label:2006 / Independent

Instrumental music is pretty hard for me to write about. I’ve said before that I often feel like there’s something missing. Since much of my music appreciation is regarding the voice and lyrics, this it tough for me.

So since I can’t be verbose, I’ll just do a mini review and say this is lovely.

I love piano and adore listening to stuff like Laura Sullivan, George Winston, etc and this is quite similar. Beautiful soundscapes, written well, performed expertly and the whole record is produced with high quality.

If you like instrumental piano this is a great one to add to your collection.

Track Listing

1. It’s About the Rose in the Vase on the Table
2. Tally’s Lullaby
3. Vinot and the Sea Bird
4. The Piano Called
5. Moon Night
6. Waiting
7. Beethoven, Chopin and the Rose
8. Impressions
9. Tip Toe Dancer and the Sea Pearl
10. Cafe Espresso (for Ken)
11. Daydreams
12. Finale of the Rose

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