Podcast Rec :: The Mortified Podcast

The Mortified Podcast logo
Today’s recommendation is The Mortified Podcast. I haven’t recommended a flat out comedy one yet and this one fills the bill.

It’s made up of recordings of people sharing their inner most (usually teen) thoughts. Folks read from their diaries; the sweet and the squishy, uncomfortable stuff. They sometimes have “famous” folks on too, like Bill Burnham, Elijah Wood, Busy Phillips, and Phoebe Judge.

This is the description on their site:

Witness adults sharing their most embarrassing childhood artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, plays, home movies, art) with others, in order to reveal stories about their lives.

Recommended if you ever wanted to read your sibling’s diary or just get into your childhood friend’s brain. Or if you just want to laugh.
Note there is some adult language here.

Some of my favorite episodes:

04: Jimmy: Throw in the Towel
115: The Only Living Lesbian on Love Island
141: Camp Buy Me Love
151:Confessions of a Catholic School Girl

Let me know what you think! Or suggest your current favorite in the comments.

Samantha Crain Spotlight and New Music

I first discovered Samantha Crain back in 2012 when I went on the Cayamo Cruise. Which is a whole other story for another time.I “studied” ahead of time buying all her released music so that I would be familiar with it when I got on the cruise.

I’d describe it as dirgy, folk/bluegrass and it’s so so good. Think, like dark Americana. Her voice is deep and transcendent. I mean, just listen to this!!

Samantha Crain is from Shawnee, Oklahoma and she proudly fills her band with others from her home state.

Well…all this to say, she has a NEW ALBUM OUT on Ramseur Records.
It’s called A Small Death and she says that this is her favorite album of hers in the last fourteen years. What I’ve heard so far is really good (I’m listening right now, as I type).
Track list

1. An Echo
2. Pastime
3. Holding to the Edge of Night
4. High Horse
5. Reunion
6. Joey
7. Constructive Eviction
8. Garden Dove
9. Tough for You
10 When We Remain
11. Little Bits

Listen on Amazon

Buy from Amazon:

Here’s where you can find her on Social Media:


Listen to the new record
Official Page

Here’s the rest of her discography:

Discovery :: Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole on YouTube? You know, when you go there to watch just one video in particular and then it automatically plays another one right after that, that it thinks you will like and pretty soon it’s 3am? *
Well, I was goofing around on YouTube recently and came upon the song, “The Barrel”.

I was immediately mesmerized. I had questions. “What the heck is she doing? What is with the arms? Is she talking about…peaches?” But I could not look away.

Later in the day the song was still swimming around in my head and I scrambled to get back to YouTube to watch it again, and to learn more about the artist, Aldous Harding.

Wikipedia says she was born Hanna Sian Topp in New Zealand, but currently lives in Cardiff, Wales. She was set to perform at the End of the Road festival (with the Pixies!) but it’s been postponed to 2021. There’s not much else in the way of personal info readily available.

I added her album Designer, to my Amazon music playlist, Ladies Night, which is where I put the artists I’ve loved for a long time as well as my discoveries. So head on over there to listen if you wish!

I’ve been listening to all her songs all day and it’s official. I love her. Maybe you will too.
Aldous Harding

Give her a listen and let me know what you think!!

Aldous Harding on Social:
Official Site
Listen on Spotify
YouTube Channel

*if this is of interest to you, stay tuned for my next podcast recommendation.

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Podcast Rec :: The Truth

I’ve been thinking about podcast recommendations lately and there are just so many good ones. Hopefully, I will get to all my favorites. But I’m also trying to rotate between my favorite genres: True Crime, Interviews, Horror, Radio Drama, Self-help/Education, Lifestyle, Sleep help, Paranormal, and Comedy. It might be easier to list the genres I am not into. Anyway, I’m trying to balance it all out.

So it looks like we’re due for a Radio Drama. So today I recommend to you, The Truth. I just listened to the two most recent episodes this morning and they were both very good! But I’ve heard them all. This is one of the few podcasts that I am up to date on and look forward to the new releases.
This podcast is a collection of short fictional stories, performed by a reoccurring group of actors. Most of the stories are written by the same talented group of people.

The Truth Podcast

Some of my favorite episodes.

  • Wonderworld U.S.A.
  • The Saint of Machine
  • The Unremarkables
  • The Curse of Numb

Wyvern Lingo: New song

A band I featured a few weeks ago, Wyvern Lingo has a new song out now!
Wyvern Lingo
Here’s what they say:

Don’t Say It is a rather sad song about an inevitable end but musically we wanted this song to have movement and capture our live sound. We are so happy with the end result, and hope you guys love it as much as we do.

Listen here
Wyvern Lingo on CS





Catching my breath! Updates

Happy Friday everyone!
I’ve been busy this week behind the scenes at Collected Sounds. Some of the stuff I’m working on:

Last week I published the Collected Sounds event calendar, but I did it with little fanfare in case I mucked it up. But I think it’s good now, so head over to the calendar and you can see all the livestreams that I know about. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed any good ones! The link will also permanently reside on the right hand navigation bar.

I’ve reopened the original Facebook GROUP for Collected Sounds. It’s private and will remain that way (Facebook won’t let you go back once you’ve made it private and I did that years ago). But you can request to join! Please do, that way we can all talk to each other, share ideas, etc. I’m really hoping for support and input from you all in what you want Collected Sounds to be. I’m all ears!

I created a virtual bookstore on the site. I saw that Tori Amos had a new book out which made me think of all the other books that musicians have written, and I thought it might be nice to have them all in a collection. (see, I like to “collect” things). The link will also permanently reside on the right hand navigation bar on the site.

I’m also working on redoing the logo. I rediscovered my Café Press shop and wow that branding is out of date! So I’m re-creating the logo. It will be a similar graphic, just a little prettier, (and I will NOT be using Comic Sans font. Oh, what a naïve dumb baby I was in the late 90s!)

I took a 2-day writing seminar. I have always considered myself kind of a grammar nerd but sheesh, there’s a lot I don’t know or fully understand. How does ANYONE learn this language if they didn’t grow up with it? It’s very hard!

I also took a seminar on starting a podcast. More on that in the future.

So that was my week! What have you guys been up to!?