The Secret is OUT

Alright friends, I’m ready to announce…..the new podcast series Volsteadland.


New podcast coming summer 2021

Those of you who are here for the music, I apologize. This podcast has nothing to do with music (though it does have a kick-ass theme song).

Due to a strange experience that was had in my former house (not even by me), I started looking into a notorious gangster from the 1920s and 30s called Kid Cann. After reading a bunch of old newspaper articles I decided that it was too interesting not to share with you all.

So launching (hopefully) in June of this year (2021) I will be launching Volsteadland. You probably aren’t going to see much here for a while as all my time and brain resources are going there right now. I look forward to introducing you to my co-host Heather too.

So come over there and join us. This is gonna be fun!!


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if you or your parents, grandparents, etc. have any stories, folklore or anything really, on Isadore Blumenfeld, aka Kid Cann can you please let me know? I’d love to get in touch and chat about it.
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Thank you!

Podcast :: Chapter 4 The Dead Smile (finale)

The Dead Smilechapter 4 is up today!

bare tree against brown sky

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Please let me know if you have suggestions for other stories and stay tuned for the next big project!

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No More RSS, emails

Hi there,

Google announced that once again, they are discontinuing a valuable resource. Thanks, Google.

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