Podcast Red :: Bloody Murder

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Bloody Murder is both true crime and comedy. Join hosts Tara Sariban and Barney Black as they cover murder stories with humor and their great Australian accents. 

They cover Australian cases mostly, but they do also cover other cases from around the world. I like it because these are generally cases I’ve never heard of before.

This isn’t laugh-a-minute funny, (not that it should be) because they’re really telling the stories, but they do interject funny stories of their own throughout.



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Discovery :: Katzenjammer


confusion; uproar.
a hangover; a severe headache resulting from a hangover.
plural noun: katzenjammers

However, my Alexa pronounces it: KAHTZ-en-yahmmah – which appears to be the German pronunciation. In German, it means Cats Wail (or Caterwaul)


Per Wikipedia: “Katzenjammer was an English-language Norwegian band from Oslo, formed in 2005. The band consists of Anne Marit Bergheim, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jørgensen. Former band member Marianne Sveen left the band in the beginning of 2016.”

The band Katzenjammer is not a NEW discovery but when you abandon your blog for 15 years you discover artists the whole time, without posting about them. You will hear them if you listen to my Amazon music playlist, Ladies Night. Linked over there —>

Even though they’re no longer active, I wanted to feature them because I still listen to their music on a regular basis.

I discovered this group around 2008 when a music friend (from the old Ecto mailing list) who lives in Norway suggested it to me. I was immediately smitten. The first song I heard was “Ain’t No Thang” and I saw the video. I just wanted to be in that boat with them singing and having a grand old time.

Watch video

So I searched out their other stuff and I’m happy to report that it’s all amazing. I particularly like this video for A Bar In Amsterdam. Their “regular” videos are great too, but they’re definitely a LIVE type band so watching them on stage is a treat.

I’m still amazed that they didn’t get super popular here in the US. I’m convinced that it’s just that they don’t have the right exposure. Go listen and if you like them, spread the word! However, I don’t know how much good it will do since they’re not still active. 


Listen to Rockland on Spotify

Facebook – they’re still updating this.





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Podcast Rec :: Everything is Alive

Everything is Alive

This one is a little wacky and I love it. The premise is that in each episode an inanimate object is interviewed about their experiences. The interviewer (and producer) is Ian Chillag and he’s great.

If you ever wanted to know how a can of pop (soda, for you non-mid-westerners) feels when it sits forgotten in the back of the fridge, this is for you. 

I’m one of those empaths who feels like everything has feelings even if it’s not alive, so this is right up my alley. I have been known to say “excuse me” when I bump into a chair.

Also being a bit of a theater nerd, I love the improvisational feel of it. 


Favorite episodes:

Louis, Can of Soda

Maeve, Lampost

Lilian, Song (this is one is my absolute fave, so far)



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New Sarah Fimm!

Planting Oblivion by Sarah Fimm ‘Planting Oblivion’ is now available on Bandcamp.

I’ve been a fan Of Sarah Fimm since well, probably the beginning. She was one of the artists that I featured early on. Her mystical, sexy sounds were all I filled my ears with for awhile. So I didn’t have to think twice before purchasing this one! Go to Bandcamp here

Lotte Kestner

Lotte KestnerThis is by no means a new artist. You might remember a band called Trespassers William from way back in the late 90s-early 00s.

I was obsessed with their 2002 release, Different Stars. It was so beautiful and calming. I went through a period many years later where I had pretty bad panic attacks. One of the only ways to shake myself out of them was to listen to songs from that album. So I made sure to always have it with me (on my phone) so I could pop in those earbuds and calm myself.

Well, part of what made that music so amazing was the voice of the lead singer, Anna-Lynne Williams.

Flash forward to about 2008 and Anna-Lynne is now known by her stage name, Lotte Kestner. I remember hearing that was still making music and being so relieved! I wanted to be sure you all knew about her too.

She recently released an album called Covers, Vol. 2 – Listen on Spotify. She covers Catherine Wheel!

Here’s the rest of her stuff.

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Podcast Rec :: Wine and Crime

Wine and Crime logo

Today’s recommendation pays homage to my hometown peeps. Wine and Crime is a true crime podcast featuring three women who “chug wine, chat crime and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents.”

I tangentially know one of the hosts, Amanda, but I didn’t know that when I started listening and became a fan. We have several mutual (real life) friends on Facebook and my guess is we’ve probably drank together at a bar in Minneapolis at some point over the last many years. Oh how I miss those days….anyway…

This one was recommended to me because I love My Favorite Murder. It’s in the same vein, in that it’s hilarious and charming women talking about true crime. But the differences are: There are three of them instead of two. they pick a topic and all three talk about that topic (zoological crimes, state fair crimes, medical malpractice, etc), and they get drunk.

Each week they also feature a wine, sometimes from Winc, my favorite wine club.  

Lucy explains the psychological and scientific aspects of each case or topic. Kenyon and Amanda each pick a story to tell.

I actually went to see them live a couple of years ago and the show was really fun. That night I also learned that I will never again attend a show in Downtown Minneapolis after dark without a bodyguard. I don’t want to end up a featured victim on the podcast. But that’s a story for another time.

They have a gazillion episodes so if you like it, you have plenty to explore.

Favorite episodes:
138: Crimes solved by Animals.
82: State Fair Crimes
9: Lucky Bastards




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