Artist Rec :: Laura Marling

Today’s Artist Recommendation is Laura Marling.

Laura Marling


Laura Marling was recommended to me by a relative who is a big fan. She knew what kind of music I liked and knew I’d like Laura too. I listened to a couple of songs, thought it was pretty, filed it away, and went on a trip to Scotland.  This was in 2008.

While in Edinburgh we walked into a gritty bar (which ended up being our favorite place, Bannerman’s) and there was a poster on the wall for an upcoming concert headlining, Laura Marling! I took a picture of the poster to remind me to buy some of her music. The concert was to take place after our vacation was over. So, I wasn’t able to see her live.

Fast forward to when I bought her album A Creature I Don’t Know and played it almost obsessively.

It was my car go-to for about 6 months on my way to and from a job I hated. So sometimes those songs would take me back there, and it was hard to listen. But I had to just play it over and over again while in a good place, to kill those demons. Tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

In April of this year (2020) she released Song for Our Daughter which was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Folk Album.

Her voice is mesmerizing and the melodies dreamy.

If you need some soothing for your soul, this is one place to look.


Some of my favorite songs:

Don’t Ask Me Why (Creature I Don’t Know)

I Was an Eagle (Once I Was an Eagle)

You Know (Once I Was an Eagle)

Blow By Blow (Song for Our Daughter)

Fortune (Song for Our Daughter)

Rambling Man (I Speak Because I Can)


I hope you check her out, follow her, etc.

Read about Laura’s concert at Bannerman’s



Alas, I Cannot Swim (2008)
I Speak Because I Can (2010)
A Creature I Don’t Know (2011)
Once I Was an Eagle (2013)
Short Movie (2015)
Semper Femina (2017 – also nominated for a Grammy)
Song for Our Daughter (2020)
…and a bunch of EPs.


Find her in the Ether:


Listen on Spotify

Listen on Amazon


Buy her Music

From her site

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Don’t Do Social?

Did you watch “The Social Dilemma”? Are you over social media? I get it. I doubt I ever will be, but I understand those who are.

I do post some extra stuff on Social Media; things that are not really “big” enough to warrant a full blog post.
Social media logos
So if you are one who is social media averse, I made a page for you.

Just click here and you can see all the social media posts I create without having to use Facebook & Instagram. Note, you’ll see some doubles because I usually post the same things on those two platforms.

See, I’m looking out for you,
xo Amy

Podcast Rec :: Reply All

Today’s podcast recommendation is Reply All.

Reply All Logo

Usually, I just throw it out there and give a few of my favorites, but this time I’m going to implore you to listen in particular the Happiness Episode: “#168 The Happiness Calculator vs. Alex Goldman.” More on that in a minute.

This show is hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt. It’s basically a podcast about the internet. Which may sound boring on the surface, but it’s anything but. I love it. If you’ve ever read a tweet you didn’t understand or be baffled why something is popular, this will help you understand.

OK so, in this episode Alex is interviewing a man Peter Dodds, a data scientist who is involved in this project called the Hedonometer, where researchers measure everyone’s happiness based on their social media posts. It’s fascinating how they can quantify happiness but also interesting what makes us happy (Christmas) and what makes us sad (suicide or terrorist). He is explaining this all to PJ Vogt, his co-host.

For English speakers, the happiest time is the holidays, Christmas Day in particular. So, when measuring happiness, they will say that happiness “went up half a Christmas day” and they use that as the yardstick for happiness.

It was interesting to learn about the most unhappy date in history (since this project began, and up to when the interview happened). No, I’m not going to tell you 🙂

The hosts also talk about things that make them happy and I don’t want to spoil anything, but basically, it’s about self-care. Alex talks about how he went into the kitchen one morning and saw half a lemon sitting there. He asked his wife about it and she said she used the other half for her water. He was sort of blown away by the fact that his wife had identified that she likes lemon in her water, and then went and did something for herself to make that happen. This is second nature to me, but I understand that others do not think this way. I wish they did.

So please take a listen to this podcast, but especially this episode. This might be a tough winter for some of us and I want you all to be happy.

Here’s the article for the New York Times called “Is Everybody Doing … OK? Let’s Ask Social Media”.

Other episodes I liked:
#166 Country of Liars (it’s about Q-Anon)
#51 Perfect Crime (about a woman who plays the same part in a play, every night. For years)
#164 Long Distance: The Real Alex Martin (3 years ago, Alex returned a call from a telephone spammer and held his feet to the fire. He actually traveled to India to meet him. This is the follow-up. Original episodes are #102-103)
#161 Brian vs. Brian (a Christmas song that almost wasn’t)
#96 The Secret Life of Alex Goldman (Alex lets PJ hack his phone giving him surveillance of his life)
#83 Voyage into Pizzagate (the conspiracy theory explained)
OK, I’ll stop there, I love all the episodes, but these are just a few of my favorites.



Artist Rec :: Meg Myers

Today’s Artist Recommendation is Meg Myers.
Meg Myers
Meg is another one of my E-music discoveries way back in 2013. Her album Daughter in the Choir was recommended to me and I loved it. She’s been in my rotation playlists ever since. She continues to put out amazing music.

She was born Janice Sue Meghan Myers in Tennessee (which she sings about in “Tennessee” on Daughter in the Choir). She was raised as Jehovah’s Witness and I’ve got to believe that breaking free from that must be at least part of the reason for the intensity of her music.

Her voice is fierce and dynamic. Her music is filled with strong beats and interesting melodies. Her tunes don’t go where you’d expect, most of the time.


Some of my favorite songs:

Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover 2018 – single)

Desire (Sorry)

Take Me to the Disco (Take Me to the Disco)

Make a Shadow (Make a Shadow)

Monster, Adelaide (Daughter in the Choir–Actually I love everything from this record as it’s the one I’ve listened to the longest)


I hope you check her out, follow her, etc. I find it quite entertaining that on Instagram while she has over 76,000 followers but she only follows 2 people. Enya and herself, 😀

Daughter in the Choir (EP 2013)
Make a Shadow (EP 2014)
Sorry (2015)
Take Me to the Disco (2018)
Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 the Disco (EP 2020)
I’d Like to Go Home Now (EP 2020)

Find her in the ether:

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Amazon

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Podcast Rec :: Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Today’s Podcast Recommendation is Unlocking Us with Brené Brown.

Unlocking Us logo

I first heard about author Brené Brown when Karen and Georgia (My Favorite Murder) talked about her and her books (and TED talk). Then right when the pandemic hit, she put out a podcast. So of course, I needed to listen.

According to Wikipedia she: “is an American professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host. Brown holds the Huffington Foundation’s Brené Brown Endowed Chair at the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work and is a visiting professor in management at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.”

She interviews some amazing people. I haven’t heard all the episodes, but the ones I have are really informative and insightful. She’s a good interviewer (though a little over the top fan-girling at times), but she asks good questions coming from a place of knowledge yet willingness to learn more.

The one with Joe Biden, if you voted for him you’ll feel better about your vote. If you didn’t, I think you’ll feel better about him winning.

I’d say you will learn something from each episode. Even on topics that you thought you knew.

I think many of us need to explore things that are outside our bubble because really our bubbles are bigger than we know, and it’s our responsibility as citizens of the world, to know as much as possible.

Maybe that’s just my opinion, but if we all take time to learn and care about others, the world would definitely be a better place.

Some of my favorite episodes:
with Joe Biden on Empathy, Unity, and Courage
with Laverne Cox on Transgender Representation, Advocacy + the Power of Love
with Ibram X. Kendi on How to be an Antiracist


Listen on Spotify

Amazon links
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Artist Rec :: Lissie

Today’s Artist Recommendation is Lissie Maurus.


I first heard of Lissie when I was preparing to set upon my first music festival cruise, Cayamo back in about 2010. I’d not yet heard of her, but I immediately downloaded all her EPs (that’s all that was out at the time) and listened obsessively.

By the time the cruise time arrived, I had planned to make it to every one of her performances on the boat. Especially after seeing her rock her first show. She is a very engaging live performer, stomping around in her bare feet, swinging that great hair. There’s something very powerful in how she is on stage. She’s having a blast and so you will too.

She has put out a bunch of great music since then, and I swear, just gets better every year. Lucky for us, she has been doing a lot of live streams since the pandemic hit. I’ve seen, I think, four of her shows. The most recent was just last week when she did a show with guitarist, Stanton Edward. Wow, what a fun show. When she does a live stream again do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.

She has some amazing covers. Her newest is “Bloody Mother F*ck*ng Asshole” (Martha Wainwright)

A few months ago she performed in a near-empty Parkway Theater here in Minneapolis and live-streamed it. Here’s a video from that, doing Mylie Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

She has a new EP coming out this week (November 20, 2020) that is all covers!

…but it’s her original music that hits it for me.

Some of my favorite songs:
Why You Runnin’ (Why You Runnin’ EP)
When I’m Alone (and pretty much every song on Catching a Tiger)
Blood and Muscle (Castles)
Best Days (Castles)

Find her in the ether:

Why You Runnin’? (EP)
Covered Up with Flowers (2011 EP)
Cryin’ to You (EP 2014)
Catching a Tiger (2010)
Live at Union Chapel (2016)
Back to Forever (2013)
My Wild West (2016)
Castles (2018)
The Piano Introspective (2019)
Thank You To The Flowers EP (2020)

You can get these here too

Amazon links
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