Artist Feature :: Ane Brun

Benoît Derrier from Auxerre, France, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Today’s Recommendation is Ane Brun

She was born Ane Kvien Brunvoll in 1976 in Molde Norway. I recently learned I’d been saying her name wrong for years. I was saying it like the American “Anne” but according to Google’s pronunciation, it would be “Ahhn-NEH” in Swedish with an accent on the second syllable. At least I think I got the Brun part right (Broon). If any of you speak Swedish/Norweigian, please correct me if I’m wrong!

I discovered Ane Brun so many years ago that I don’t even remember how. But I think it was probably e-music. I was a huge fan of that site when it started. I discovered so much NEW good music. They had a really good algorithm that recommended things that I really loved. At any rate, I still listen to her music at least every week, if not every day. Even more than Sarah McLachlan (GASP!)

I brought her album Changing of the Seasons with me when I went on a music festival cruise. It helped me through a few panicked nights (being in the middle of the ocean with no way out, turns out, is panic-inducing to me).

Her voice is a balm for my soul and is so unique and beautiful. Her lyrics are stunning and powerful, and her songs are so gorgeously composed. I tend to prefer her quiet songs, but she has some fun rocking ones too.

Her album, Leave Me Breathless is made up of covers and they’re really good. Her version of “Always on My Mind” brings me to tears.

If you’re not already a fan, I assume it’s because you haven’t heard her yet. Check out her new song, Crumbs from her upcoming album of the same name.

Some of my favorite songs:
“The Puzzle” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Temporary Dive” is a beautiful song about depression (A Temporary Dive)
“Treehouse Song” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Changing of the Seasons” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Worship” (It All Starts with One)


Find her in the ether:



Crumbs (out soon!)
Leave me Breathless (live-2018)
Live at Berwaldhallen (with The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra – 2018)
Leave Me Breathless (2017)
When I’m Free (2015)
Songs Tour 2013 (2013)
Rarites (2013)
Songs 2003-2013 (2013)
It All Starts with One (2011)
Live at Stockholm Concert Hall (2009)
Sketches (2008)
Changing of the Seasons (2008)
Live in Scandinavia (2007)
A Temprorary Dive (2005)
Duets (2005)
Spending Time with Morgan (2003)

Here are some videos:



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Podcast Rec :: Spooked

Spooked Podcast

Today’s podcast recommendation is “Snapped Judgement Presents Spooked“.

Glynn Washington and his amazing voice that is both calming and spooky is your host for “Spooked“.
If you’re looking for something truly spooky, like I mean really…this is a good one.
I don’t scare easily and none of these so far have legit scared me, like losing sleep…but this is probably as close as I’ll get. I’ve definitely been creeped out and gotten some chills.
I’d say if you like “Full Body Chills” you’ll like this too, except these are true stories told by people who lived them, so even spookier!

Some of my favorite episodes:
The Watcher
Lost in Time
A Friend in the Forest
The Black Rose
Creepy Crawly
37 Seconds




Artist Feature :: Alex Wong

This week’s recommendation is Alex Wong. I’ve known Alex for a long time and have been a fan since I heard the first note. This was back in 2007 when Alex was on tour with Vienna Teng and they played some shows at our home. Yes, we used to do house concerts. We retired from that, only to come back for a revival in 2017 with Alex again (this time with Megan Slankard, who also joined him for our 2018 concert).

Alex has done TONS of work with other musicians. Aside from The Paper Raincoat, he was in a band called The Animators (those albums are great too) and has done numerous projects with other musicians.

When I first fell for Alex’s music he was in a duo called The Paper Raincoat with Amber Rubarth. I’m not kidding when I say that is a DAMN near-perfect album. Every song on there could be a huge hit. If only it got enough recognition.

I’ve been following him throughout his whole journey. I even went on a music festival cruise just so I could see him and Vienna play. I am not really sure how to describe his because other than beautiful and transportive. His songs are so exquisitely composed with so many sounds, instruments, feelings. Ugh, I know that’s not a great description but I want you to listen to him either way. So please follow the links provided.

Alex is also a producer and he takes that role quite seriously. I’m not kidding when I say he carefully crafts every second that makes it to the final product. I’m following him on Patreon and he has a series for his Patrons where we join him on Zoom and he explains how he creates a song, from concept to finish. He calls it Cooking Records because….oh yeah, not only is he a brilliant musician, and beautiful soul, but he’s a chef! I mean, staaaaph already! He created a concept where he invites people into his home and makes homemade meals for them. I just can’t. *sigh*


Plus I’m in love with his dog, Charlotte.

Alex Wong and his dog Charlotte

Some of my favorite songs: I’m going to try really hard not to name every single song…
“In the Creases” (duet with Amber Rubarth on Elephant and the Seahorse and The Paper Raincoat)
“The Quiet Voice” (Elephant and the Seahorse)
“Brooklyn Blurs” (with and on The Paper Raincoat)
“Wherever You Are” (Elephant and the Seahorse)
“Show Yourself” (Elephant and the Seahorse)


If you watch the video for this amazing song, you will see yours truly! It was a project he did with his Patreon fans, asking them to film themselves holding signs with their assigned lyrics. It was super fun and what an amazing song. Very timely!!

Wherever you are (Char is in this one)





Elephant and the Seahorse (2020)
Fivalina (with Jesse Terry, 2019)
City on a Lake (2012)
The Paper Raincoat (as the Paper Raincoat, 2009)
How We Fight (as The Animators, 2006)
The Chamber Sessions (as The Animators, 2004)
Home By Now (as The Animator, 2003)


Amazon links
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Episode one up!

Podcast ArtworkI pulled the trigger so to speak, and finished editing, and posted the first episode of the podcast. This is a reading of a story called A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf.
Listen here

Here’s the RSS Feed, copy and paste that into your favorite podcast app, if you can’t find it by searching.

Podcast Rec :: Radio Rental and Full Body Chills

Today’s Podcast Recommendation is another two-fer! These two are similar in that they are super cool, weird spooky short stories. Full Body Chills and Radio Rental.

Full Body Chills logo

Full Body Chills is hosted by Ashley Flowers. We talked about her last week when we covered the Supernatural Podcast. The difference between this one and Supernatural is that these are fictional. They are written by Ashley and David Flowers and other members of their team. They are read by Ashley herself. She’s a very engaging storyteller.

Season two was just released on October 5, 2020, so if you’re not yet caught up, get there! I will warn that the last episode of season 1 is a real creeper. Seriously, I had to stop listening and rest and then pick it up a day or so later.



Radio Rental LogoRadio Rental is a bit more tongue in cheek and silly, but also scary…or at least super weird. The official description is A mysterious video rental store with a tape collection of true scary stories narrated by the people who experienced them.
Your host is Terry Carnation (voiced by Rain Wilson) who is the shopkeeper. He introduces the stories, but they’re told mostly by the anonymous folks who lived these stories, but at times are interviewed by another person. I think it’s supposed to be a secret who this is because he’s not in the credits, But I swear I know who it is.

This one has 14 episodes (as of today) but I believe a second season is coming too. I must say, they go all-in on this. Terry Carnation has his own Twitter account, and you can sign up for a membership with the video store on their website. They even give a physical address (a mall in Georgia) and have photos of mini versions of the store on their website. I love everything about this one.


Some of my favorite episodes
Full Body Chills:
“Ersatz – I love this one because I’ve personally experienced this phenomenon!
“It’s Never Just a Mannequin” – this is the one I couldn’t listen to all the way through because it was so scary.
..but honestly, I think I loved all ten episodes.

Radio Rental:
Episode 2: the story called “Doppelganger” really stuck with me. I thought about it for days.
Episode 4: the second story, “Laura of the Woods” was a trip!

Bonus, both of these podcasts have “babysitter” themed episode. Happy Halloween!


Full Body Chills:

Radio Rental:

Featured Artist :: Jesca Hoop

Jesca HoopJesca (yes, born ‘Jessica’) Hoop is originally from Santa Rosa, California. I feel like I’ve known of her forever. I think I first heard of her when I learned she was the nanny to Tom Waits’ children.

Her music is very eclectic. It can be soft and pretty, or loud and aggressive. But always creative and interesting and amazing.
I really don’t know how else to describe her style. It’s not like anyone else, in my opinion.

Some of my favorite songs:
“The Kingdom” remains my favorite (Hunting My Dress)
“Murder of Birds” is another great one (Hunting my Dress)
“Out the Backdoor is fun” (Kismet)
“Shouldered” (Stonechild)
“Fear of Father” (Stonechild)
…I guess I could just name everything from Stonechild, so I’ll stop.


Tiny Desk Concert
The Kingdom

Hunting my Dress (2009)
Kismet (2011)
The Complete Kismet Acoustic (2012)
The House That Jack Built (2012)
Undress (2014)
Memories are Now (2017)
Phonograph/Moon Rock/Needle (?)
Stonechild (2019)

She has other albums with other artists as well.

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