Album Review: The Party’s Over by Akayzia Parker

Album Name: The Party’s Over (EP)
Artist: Akayzia Parker
Year/Label: 2006 / Chrysalis

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Review by David Adair

A silky soulstress grabs the thoughtful, relaxing and heartfelt pop mantle from Tracy Chapman and to a lesser extent; Faithful Hill and gives it a coating of alluring dreaminess.

Opener; “Tender” does exactly what it says on the tin, it slowly and seductively opens the doors into Akayzia’s wondrous world, with help from the slow and wistful vocals that build up slowly like her contemporary Johnathan Rice, as she makes a simple plea for some kid glove treatment.

A funky and almost R N B offering “Criminal”, displays a frivolous and free spirited side to the heroine, on the back of some sharp guitars and throbbing bass lines.

However, the most ear-catching and compelling side to this gripping songwriter is captured in “Maybe” that floats away on the back of a wandering acoustic backing.

Sharp and snappy lyrics decorate the offering of six sumptuous songs, to make for a pleasing and largely relaxing finished article.

Posted on January 8, 2006


Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: This is one of the best cd’s I have listen to in a long time. i love it, if you don’t have a copy get one!
name: James clarke Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Track Listing
1. Tender
2. Criminal
3. Maybe
4. Wallfower
5. Staying Lost
6. The Partys Over

[Akayzia Parker Official Site]

Album Review: When I Met You by Elya Finn

Album Name: When I Met You
Artist: Elya Finn
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Elya Finn’s previous CD, “Ship of Fate” was a lovely record, but her new one cuts much deeper. Her voice is charming and the jazzy feel of the album is delightful. “It Doesn’t Really Matter” is a lovely, romantic song that sees Finn play her piano with great dexterity.

“Big Eyes” is a funny, playful song. Finn’s vocal is sweet and the melody is great.

“Complication” is a wonderful song. Finn sings like a siren throughout. The song’s, light, skippy tempo makes it brilliant.

“Little Lies” is sparse and has an almost fairground feel to it. The whistled bit is ace too.

Finn has developed into a marvelous singer.

Posted on January 8, 2006

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. When I Met You
2. It Doesn’t Really Matter
3. Through The Night
4. Big Eyes
5. Complications
6. Forget Me
7. I Was Alone
8. Little Lies
9. Following Blind
10. Time
11. Another Night

[Elya Finn Official Site]


Album Review: Full Moon in 3 by Jennifer Terran

Album Name: Full Moon in 3
Artist: Jennifer Terran
Year/Label: 2006 / Grizelda Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Jennifer Terran’s “The Musician” was a fantastic record. Her new one is very special too.

“The America Song” is a dreamy, dislocated song. Terran plays her piano and her voice has a Sinead O’Connor-ish quality to it. The harmonies are haunted and impossibly lovely.

“I would cry my bitter, sweet heart out for the beauty and sadness in everything”

she sings, aptly.

“Opening’s Had” is spooky yet gorgeous. Terran uses the fairy tale of Blubeard as a metaphor for guilt.

“Tide” is a neat song. As ever the words have a mythical quality while the mood is dark.

The suggestive “Multi Orgasmic 3” is funky and fun. Its depiction of a ménage a trois is fascinating.

Terran is a powerful artist and her artistic vision is challenging but always intriguing. This album is a great listen.

Posted on January 8, 2006

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Full Moon
2. The America Song
3. T.V. Off
4. Opening’s Had
5. Pomegranate Weed
6. Tide
7. Oooh Eee
8. Multiorgasmic 3
9. Circle of Life
10. A Big Brown Trout Lives There
11. Three Legged Dog
12. Little Rock

[Jennifer Terran Official Site]


Pretty Little Head

While looking around on CDUniverse I also saw Nelly McKay’s “Pretty Little Head� CD for sale. However, it says it’s not released yet.

So I did an Internet search for it and found if for sale on But that site says it will begin shipping 01/01/2010 (that’s 4 years from now!!) But there is some good news…I got the track list! Except I’m pretty sure this is the track list it had when Sony was going to put it out. Nelly’s SONY-FREE version has 23 songs I think. So this is not exactly accurate, but it’s more than I knew ten minutes ago.

Track Listing:
1. Cupcake
2. Pink Chandelier
3. Big One
4. GES
5. Beecharmer – (with Cyndi Lauper)
6. Columbia`s Bleeding
7. Tipperary
8. Real Life
9. We Had It Right – (with K.D. Lang)
10. I Will Be There
11. I Am Nothing
12. Long And Lazy River
13. Down Low
14. There You Are In Me
16. Happy Flower

I just did a little more digging and every site that lists it has the 16 track list so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the other 7 songs are.
I also learned that Cyndi Lauper and kd Lang are on the record.
Last time I visited Nelly’s website it was still run (pathetically badly) by Sony. Now it’s gone.

Regina Spektor News

Regina Spektor’s self-described “storybook record� Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories By Regina Spektor will be out on January 16th, 2006

You can preorder
Amazon UK

Amazon (US, but really expensive)

Here’s a review
Her next release, Begin to Hope is finished but there is no release date yet. She is hoping for spring but it could be summer. She is working on some accompanying art and video. Can’t wait for that!

Regina’s Site

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone.

Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year. I have posted the last CD review of 2005 today so you can see all the ones for this month here:

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Happy New Year and if 2006 has as much great music as 2005 I’ll be very happy!

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