Podcast Recommendation :: Code Switch

This week I’m going to recommend the podcast, Code Switch. It’s published by NPR. I feel more and more these days like I need to educate myself. I know there are books to read but I’m more of a listener (I need to multi-task and when I’m reading a book I can’t do much else) so podcasts are a good way for me to soak up knowledge.

I subscribed to this one a year or so ago on a recommendation, but I had trouble getting into it. Today I listened to three episodes and I really like it.
There are several hosts that rotate through the episodes.

Their site described them as such:

Remember when folks used to talk about being “post-racial”? Well, we’re definitely not that. We’re a multi-racial, multi-generational team of journalists fascinated by the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture, how they play out in our lives and communities, and how all of this is shifting.

For more on Code Switching, read this.
Search “Code Switch” in your preferred podcast app, or listen here

Dar Williams Live Streaming 6pm Central

Hello Everyone!
Dar Williams will be live streaming TONIGHT!
Dar Williams

Dar Williams Facebook/Youtube LIVE on Tuesday, June 9th at 7 pm EDT : A Bulletproof Artists Birthday party – It’s Patty’s Birthday (Dar’s manager) and Dar will play a live online concert to celebrate. Tune in on Tuesday, June 9 at 7pm EDT to listen, sing along, and join the celebration.

[Watch Live on Facebook]

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[Dar’s Official Page]

Podcast Rec:: Where is Lisa?

I was made aware of this podcast by a long time Collected Sounds Friend/artist, Allison Crowe. Lisa, the missing woman, is her friend.
Where's Lisa podcast
Here’s the description:
On a long weekend in the summer of 2002, Lisa Marie Young went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. There were big changes ahead; a move to a new apartment, a fresh start on a career with big dreams of becoming a sportscaster. But that night, Lisa got into a red jaguar with a young man from a prominent family and was never seen again. People who live in Lisa’s hometown believe they know who is responsible for her disappearance. Producer Laura Palmer explores the tragic real life tale behind an urban legend haunting a small island community.

I hope those responsible for her death (and any cover ups) are held accountable.

Search “Where’s Lisa” in your preferred podcast app or listen on their Podbean page.

New Artist Rec – Ali Barter

Ali Barter released a quarantine song in April and declared she’d go on tour. But since we’re in quarantine, she toured her house!
Ali Barter Live from Inside
She did a series of performances in various places around her house, kicking off with a performance in her bedroom.

She release one song each night on Instagram TV, YouTube and Bandcamp.
This is the result of all the songs she did on that “tour”

Check her out on Bandcamp where you can buy the record and sample the songs. They’re all very good!!

Here’s her Instagram Channel where you can see her performances.

New Ane Brun song!

New Ane Brun song! Sorry I’m a couple of weeks late on this. I just found out today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIwnRI4Srh8

““Song for Thrill and Tom” is about a complex, beautiful and extraordinary love story. The main characters are real people in my life, who I’ve tried to portray as authentic as possible, so that it becomes like a musical monument of the existence of their love. Like a ring on their fingers. ”Thrill and Tom”, are my dear friend Tirilleia and her Tom, the great love of her life, who tragically passed away two years ago.”

Buy the single: Song For Thrill And Tom