Album Review: Wolves at My Door by Annie Moscow

Album Name: Wolves at My Door
Artist: Annie Moscow
Year/Label: 2001 / Melonball Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Annie Moscow plays the piano beautifully and has a great talent for songwriting. Her music is thoughtful, emotionally complex and mature. She has a sound based on show tunes, jazz and pop. The range on this album is dazzling. From the boisterous “Buy the Bitch a Cadillac” to the reflective “To the Himalayas” and back again. “Cinderella Suite” dissects the myth and show the grim reality lurking behind it.

The more I listen to this music the more I discover. This is a keeper.

Posted on August 4, 2001

Track Listing
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1.That Was Supposed To Be Mine
2.To The Himalayas
3.Where’s THe Silver Lining
4.Buy The Bitch A Cadallic
5.It’s All Dissipating
6.Jazz Cat
7.Dried Up And Dying
8.Blue Eyes
9.Eleven Blocks From The Beach
10.Cinderella Suite
11.There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Here
12.Wolves At My Door

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Album Review: The First Blood Mystery by Carina Round

Album Name: The First Blood Mystery
Artist: Carina Round
Year/Label: 2001 / Animal Noise

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

English singer Carina Round emerges as a powerful voice on her debut album. She sings with fire and spirit and the sparse music backs her superbly.

Her lyrics paint vivid pictures in the listeners mind. Its impossible to label her music but it tends towards the folky with bluesy leanings. Comparisons with other singers could be made, but Carina Round is so special it hardly matters who influenced her.

This mini-album leaves me wanting a full length follow up soon.

Posted on July 22, 2001

Track Listing
1. Message To Apollo
2. Lightbulb Song
3. How I See It
4. The Waves
5. Let It Fall
6. Ribbons
7. On Leaving

[Carina Round Official Site]

Album Review: Skin by Melissa Etheridge

Album Name: Skin
Artist: Melissa Etheridge
Year/Label: 2001 / Uni/Island

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Review by Anne Deming

I’ve always been a huge fan of Melissa Ethridge; she’s one of those musical geniuses I feel compelled to place on an artistic pedestal to worship for the duration of my existence here on earth, but sadly…she has fallen off. SKIN was released on July 10th and I had it blaring wildly in my car disc changer not 36 hours later.

My initial response was happiness because I felt the familiar, yet far from repetitious, acoustic rock rhythms flying through the air… but then she started to sing. The dark and eloquently sensual side of her songwriting is blatantly absent from her recent release. The songs are littered with self-pity and sadness minus the poetry that can convince a listener to empathize with an artist.

She seems stuck in a certain phraseology, mixing promising songs with pedestrian thoughts and tiresome cliches.

There is, however, a glorious piece of music on the album called “The Different” which is so far from the expected that it’s hard to match the sound with the voice sneaking through the speakers. Melissa seems to achieve what the album could, and should, have been with “The Different” by melding vocal effects, electronic drums and funky strumming into a classic, yet innovative sound.

Unfortunately, the rest of the CD offers only a glimpse of the powerhouse vocals, meticulous guitar work and lyrical beauty I have come to expect from a true artist.

Posted on July 16, 2001

Track Listing
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1. Lover Please
2. The Prison
3. Walking On Water
4. Down To One
5. Goodnight
6. It’s Only Me
7. I Want To Be In Love
8. Please Forgive Me
9. The Different
10. Heal Me

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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: I am 37 years old I love Ethridge music.Iris is my name I work at daycare. I live in Manitoba ,Canada BRRRR… waiting for spring.I have two yong adults living with me Tylor age 15,and Luanne age19 ,I am blessed .
By Iris flett on Thursday, February 17, 2005

Rating: 5 Stars
I absolutley love Melissa. She has a way of really connecting. I think she knows just how to put the words together, and I definatley can relate to her music, and this album especially. Not to add, that her voice is absolutley amazing. She can really lift me up when I am down throughout her CD Skin. I wish everyone could hear Melissa, instead of judging her over her sexuality. Melissa, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Lorenz on Friday, June 11, 2004

Album Review: Painting of a Painting by Rachael Sage

Album Name: Painting of a Painting
Artist: Rachael Sage
Year/Label: 2001 / Mpress records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Rachael Sage has made two albums before but this is her best effort yet. Her lyrics examine the human condition in all its complexity, while the music is dynamic and sweet in equal measures.

The eastern tinged “Among All of God’s Creatures” stands out as does the soul searcahing “Seraphim Smile”.

The whole cd is imbued with Sage’s unique talent and songwritning skills.

I strongly recommend you to get a copy.

Posted on July 16, 2001

Track Listing
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1. Cyanide & Cinnamon
2. Satellite
3. Better From Mars
4. Pictures They Took
5. Among All Of God’s Creatures
6. Painting Of A Painting
7. Seraphim Smile
8. Undertow
9. Footsteps
10. Apology
11. Precious
12. Grace
13. I Guess

[Rachael Sage Official Site]


Album Review: Pure Agitator by Suran Song in Stag

Album Name: Pure Agitator
Artist: Suran Song in Stag
Year/Label: 1999 / Cruel Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Remember riot grrl? I’m sure Suran Song does. Her bands music recalls the midnineties heyday of that movement with politically charged lyrics and staccato lashings of bass.

Any album that opens with a Fugazi song and closes with a wildly mutated verison of Bowie’s Star is bound to be special.

Suran Song in Stag has enough energy to power a nuclear plant and “Pure Agtiator” proves theay are a marvellous band. Long may they riot.

Posted on July 16, 2001

Track Listing
1. Blue Print
2. Female rape Jury
3. Bad Faith Inclusion
4. Ubergrrl
5. Cribbage in Provincetown
6. Tryst Trying Trust
7. Dust Crush
8. Red Ridinghood’s Basket
9. Analogue Lovemuffin
10. Star

[Suran Song in Stag Official Site]

Album Review: In the Pool Jenn Adams

Album Name: In the Pool
Artist: Jenn Adams
Year/Label: 2001 / Toc/Orchard

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Jenn Adams begins this recording with “Joliet” with a very Indigo Girls-like style. Her songs, though probably can all be classified as folk-rock, are varied. Some like “Most Precious Days” are straightforward folk; some, like “Not Tonight” are bluesy, and some are beautiful pop. There are actually a few musicians that Jenn Adams reminds me of but there is something about her that is unique.

Jenn has a clear, fantastic voice that matches her music perfectly and performs these comfortable songs that you feel you¹ve known all your life. This CD will be in my player for quite awhile.

Posted July 7, 2001

Track Listing

1. Joliet
2. Most Precious Days
3. The Garden Song
4. Not Tonight
5. Everything Good
6. 1846
7. Maggie Tabasco
8. All These Attachments
9. Mozambique Is Burning
10. Leave The Light On
11. Sleep Of Light
12. All Along The Watchtower

[Jenn Adams Official Site]