Concert: Dar Williams in “The Vagina Monologs” 2001

Artist: Dar Williams in “The Vagina Monologs”

Date: April 3, 2001

Venue: Calvin Theatre

City: Northampton MA

Review by Becky From the Dar List

My mother ended up buying Vagina Monologue tickets for me and my friend.

So tonight, we borrowed a car and made the trip down to Northampton. Well, all i can really say is that DAR WAS SOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!! I really don’t think i will ever have enough praises for this incredible woman. She seemed quite nervous at first… she clung to the note cards for most of the show, but by the end, she seemed a lot more comfortable.

I won’t ruin the show for those of you who haven’t seen it yet and tell you what monologues she did… BUT… I will tell you that after one of them, she said something along the lines of “I think things are going to change a little after this”… terribly cute… I was so proud to be watching her do this amazing show.

Concert: Rose Polenzani in Minneapolis

Artist: Rose Polenzani

Date: March 13, 2001

Venue: Bryant Lake Bowl

City: Minneapolis, MN

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

For those of you who want to visualize, the Bryant Lake Bowl is a tiny theater attached to a bowling alley (much cooler than it sounds). The stage is small and the seating consists of a few tables up front and the rest is stadium (at an incline) seating. Every once in awhile when someone get a strike you can hear the “whoop”s from the other room. Distracting, yet charming.

Rose took the stage wearing a black t-shirt and bright red shiny pants (the ones she is wearing in her front page web site photo).

She was very soft-spoken, she seemed almost nervous. She was definitely surprised at how many people were there. “I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t even know this many people in Minneapolis!” she said. “How did you hear about this show? I owe someone a lot of money.”

As she left the stage she said, “Hope you score big at Bowling!”

After some wild applause she came back out for an encore:
The first song was “In the Middle”- Rose said this song was written “for someone who wouldn’t sleep with me.”

Then she did “I think you’re beautiful”- she messed up this song a little so she said that she wasn’t comfortable leaving us with that so she did a L. Cohen song (sorry I don’t recall which one).

It was a great show. Rose is personable, sweet, funny and great to see live.

Here’s the set list: (Thanks to Erin for helping me with some of the song titles I was unsure of)

Set list

1. Fell
2. Bad Dreams
3. The Llama – about Hyppogriffs in the Harry Potter books.
4. Parhelion – This song was inspired by the Brandon Teena story (Boys Don’t Cry). Rose had said that she couldn’t find this word in any dictionary, but my friend Erin found it in the American Heritage Dictionary it means: From the Greek para, beside and helios, sun. Bright or sunny spot beside the sun, often in a luminous ring or halo formation.
5. Or (this is one of my favorites)
6. Allah
7. Inauguration Day – unavailable on record – This is a song about a woman having a fling with the President. Rose assured us that it was written before the whole Monica scandal so it’s not about her.
8. Promised Land – a Julian Cope song
9. The Flood
10. The Car – She did this song a capella. It’s by one of her favorite bands, Pooka from England. I found their release, Pooka at You can even listen to a clip of The Car there. If you scroll down to the reviews, you’ll see a review from Rose! Pooka’s Site
11. Shake Through to Ugly – (another of my favorites)
12. Sacramento Ave
13. Polliwog’s Lament – this one she did on a make shift slide guitar. She learned how to turn her guitar into a slide guitar from her friend and fellow artist, Chris Parsley.
14. Olga’s Birthday – She said this song is about how Jesus should never be used as a weapon
15. Mary Lee- She said, everything in this song is true.
16. Whatever Remains

[Rose Polenzani Official Site]

Album Review: Tangled Web of Cool by Martinique Walker

Album Name: Tangled Web of Cool
Artist: Martinique Walker
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Canadian singer Martinique Walker has a strong, agile voice. It makes her songs shine more strongly.

Her album “Tangled Web of Cool” has a complex, jazzy feel and some hummable tunes.

The opening “You had no Right” is powerful without needing to resort to pointless bombast. The same quiet authority is present throughout the album.

Another great song is “Honest Cecile” an effective tale of a fractured friendship.

Walkers talent is obvious and she should go far.

Posted on March 30, 2001

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. You Had No Right
2. Tangled Web of Cool
3. You Do
4. The River Turns
5. My Other Life
6. Shadows of Time
7. In the Café
8. Honest Cecile
9. So Hard to Love
10. Mother

[Martinique Walker Official Site]


Album Review:Silver Drops by The Breath of Life

Album Name: Silver Drops
Artist: The Breath of Life
Year/Label: 2001 / Hall of Sermon

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[Buy at Hall of Sermon]

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

This cd has a sound akin to early Bel Canto or Cocteau Twins. Isabelle Dekeyser’s pure voice floats atop oceans of reverb.

Breath of Life have been playing together for a long time and it shows in their mastery of the heavenly melodies of the songs. The final epic track Deep Blue Land is especially gripping. The airy nature of this cd makes it ideal to soundtrack a lazy sunday afternoon.

Posted on March 26, 2001

Track Listing
1. Caligan
2. Silver Sky
3. Tower
4. Blooming Sky
5. Cold Lights
6. The Valley
7. Her World
8. Falling Drops
9. Around You
10. Deep Mystery
11. Deep Blue Land

[The Breath of Life Official Site]

Album Review: Screwing Lies by Katy Carr

Album Name: Screwing Lies
Artist: Katy Carr
Year/Label: 2001 / Madame de Luce

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

English singer Katy Carr makes a potent brew of folk and rock. Her refreshingly theatrical approach makes this a good debut.

Vocally she has some of PJ Harvey’s power and Kate Bush’s sensuality.

The whimsical “Marmalade Duke” is a welcome contrast to more abrasive songs like “Knickers” in which Carr sings:

“You’ve pulled my knickers off
and left me by the kitchen sink”.

The balance between light and dark is what makes “Screwing Lies” so strong.

Carr is an interesting new voice.

Posted on March 21, 2001

Track Listing

1.Ramble my Rose (i)
2. Push
3. Screwing Lies
4. Shine
5. Moscow Child
6. Black Widow
7. Knickers
8. Flower Shark
9. Marmalade Duke
10. Ramble my Rose(ii)

[Katy Carr Official Site]


Album Review: Feathermerchants by Feathermerchants

Album Name: Feathermerchants
Artist: Feathermerchants
Year/Label: 1999 / Innocent 12th St

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Feathermerchants have two exeptional singers in Erin O’Hara and Alison Winston. The music is clearly folk in nature and has middle eastern influences as well.

On the track “Runaway” for instance great use is made of Moroccan vocalist Hassan Hakmoun. His wailing voice and the sweet tunes of Erin O’Hara blend beautifully. Another good track is the lovely “Water and Dreams”.

The whole cd is a success and belongs to no particular genre but its own. Those who seek something different should investigate.

Posted on March 13, 2001

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Ludlow St.
2. Runaway
3. Water and Dreams 4. All Shook Up
5. Black Dog Smile
6. Jazz America
7. Syracuse
8. Best Regards
9. Confusion
10. Crazy Girl
11. The Poet
12. Strange

[Feathermerchants Official Site]