Artist Rec :: Sarah Fimm

Sarah FimmToday’s Artist Recommendation is Sarah Fimm. Sarah is another artist I’ve been following for a long time. She submitted her music to Collected Sounds many years ago. She was first reviewed by Collected Sounds contributor, Anna Maria back in 2002 for her album, Cocooned, and contributor Digman interviewed her in 2002

I reviewed her album A Perfect Dream in late 2005 and the songs are still on my rotation. I called it “atmospheric and ambient, but you’ll find dabs of jazz, blues, rock, cabaret, and pop too.” While she has dabbled with different styles, everything she does has the Fimm stamp on it.

Sarah has a new album out called Planting Oblivion. Click on the name to listen on Bandcamp.

Some of my favorite songs:
“Be Like Water”
“Bring me a Light”


Cocooned (2002) 
A Perfect Dream (2002) 
Nexus (2004) 
Near Infinite Possibility (2011) 
Barn Sessions
White Birds (2009)
The Vanishing Sessions (2009)
Red Yellow Sun (2009) 
Adaquarium (2015)
Potnia Theron (2015)
Given Never Offered (2018)
Broken Arrow (2020)
There Thy Beauty Lies (2020)
Planting Oblivion (2020)

Find her in the ether:

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Podcast Rec :: Beautiful Anonymous

Beautiful Anonymous logoToday’s Podcast Recommendation is Beautiful Anonymous or Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. I’d say of all the podcasts I listen to, this is the one that I am the most diligent with keeping up. This is one in which I have heard every episode at least once.*

The premise is this: Host Chris Getherd takes a phone call from a random stranger. They remain anonymous and are encouraged to talk with Chris for an hour, about anything they wish. Chris may not end the call (though the caller may) until that hour is up. Their tag line is: “1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred”.

At first, anyway, I believe Chris was not prepped on what the person was going to talk about, but now I think they’ve changed things up a bit as it seems he does have some idea, from his producer.

You’ll hear from a woman who is reporting to prison the following morning, a woman who is in the waiting room anticipating the results of her daughter’s cancer tests, an aspiring pro wrestler, a bartender telling stories about the drunks, a stay-at-home dad, and a ton of other random situations. It’s always interesting and sometimes heartbreaking.

At any rate, the calls are fascinating if you’re at all interested in people and how wonderful and different we all are.

Listen here

BA Official

Chris Getherd Official
Facebook Group
Chris on Instagram 

BA Twitter

Chris on Twitter


*once it went behind a paywall, there have been ones that I have missed. It really bothers me when podcasts do this. I understand the need to make money, absolutely. But when they go on a private thing like Stitcher Premium it’s annoying. I have a podcast app that I love (after trying out a ton of them) and it’s not Stitcher. So if I’m going to monetarily support the pods I love, I have to have a bunch of different apps, and pay a ton of different ways, etc. I’m already supporting those I really love on Patreon, but when they all pick a different platform it makes it really hard for us to support them all. Rant over.

Artist Rec :: Lex Land

Lex Land PromoToday’s Artist Recommendation is Lex Land.
*Sigh* what can I say about Lex? She’s simply amazing. She has a wonderful and unique voice, she writes incredible, sometimes heartbreaking, songs and she’s a beautiful soul.

I’ve been listening to her since she sent me her album, Orange Days on Lemon Street back in 2009. I loved it and it was my favorite album that year.

When I took a bit of a break from music and didn’t listen to as much stuff, she was still in my rotation (this mainly means the USB stick that I would keep in my car to play when I drove). But it wasn’t until the lockdown when I had free time again, that I found that she was doing a livestream every Friday morning. I started watching it and interacting with her and her very cool fans. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week!

Lex is a very generous artist with her fans. I support her on Patreon and I recommend you do the same. She puts out something new at least weekly if not daily. Seriously, this woman works so hard! She is currently reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as an audiobook for her Patrons. It’s wonderful!

She also does frequent Twitch parties (yes, she got this old lady into Twitch!) in which we, her fans, get to interact with each other and with her, request songs, etc. It’s like the Facebook streams except cooler. She has a beautiful jazzy voice and I just swoon to hear her do the old songs. When I say “old” I don’t mean the 80s, I am talking 1930s and 40s. I mean, my 87-year-old mother is a huge fan as well. Lex is an old soul and it shows.

I thought it fitting to end my favorite month of the year by featuring one of my favorite artists (who also loves this time of year)! I hope you’ll join one of her live streams! Once you do, she will offer you a bunch of free music (I told you she was generous!). Hope to see you on Friday at 10:30am on Facebook!

Find her in the ether:

Halloween album on Spotify



She has two studio albums, and a bunch of special releases as well, check them on her store.

Amazon links
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Podcast Rec :: Limetown

Limetown logoToday’s podcast recommendation is Limetown.

This is a radio drama and a serial podcast, meaning you must start with the first episode.

It’s the story of a community of people who just disappeared from a small town. Our heroine is Lia Haddock and she is investigating what happened to this town. It hit the news but quickly disappeared too. She’s not willing to let it go as she has a tie to Limetown.

The episodes are around 30 minutes with some shorty extras. The story moves quickly, you’ll likely sip through this pretty quickly as it’s riveting. I’ll be honest, I got a little confused about all the male characters and who they were, I made a cheat sheet for who they are so I could refer while listening.

This became a WebTV show as well starring Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci, but it only lasted one season on Facebook Watch before it was canceled (my guess is the “Facebook Watch” part was the problem, not the production of the show. I thought it was pretty decent.)

There is also a novel that is a prequel to the story covered in the podcast.


Give it a listen, I hope you like it!


Limetown Show 

Artist Feature :: Ane Brun

Benoît Derrier from Auxerre, France, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Today’s Recommendation is Ane Brun

She was born Ane Kvien Brunvoll in 1976 in Molde Norway. I recently learned I’d been saying her name wrong for years. I was saying it like the American “Anne” but according to Google’s pronunciation, it would be “Ahhn-NEH” in Swedish with an accent on the second syllable. At least I think I got the Brun part right (Broon). If any of you speak Swedish/Norweigian, please correct me if I’m wrong!

I discovered Ane Brun so many years ago that I don’t even remember how. But I think it was probably e-music. I was a huge fan of that site when it started. I discovered so much NEW good music. They had a really good algorithm that recommended things that I really loved. At any rate, I still listen to her music at least every week, if not every day. Even more than Sarah McLachlan (GASP!)

I brought her album Changing of the Seasons with me when I went on a music festival cruise. It helped me through a few panicked nights (being in the middle of the ocean with no way out, turns out, is panic-inducing to me).

Her voice is a balm for my soul and is so unique and beautiful. Her lyrics are stunning and powerful, and her songs are so gorgeously composed. I tend to prefer her quiet songs, but she has some fun rocking ones too.

Her album, Leave Me Breathless is made up of covers and they’re really good. Her version of “Always on My Mind” brings me to tears.

If you’re not already a fan, I assume it’s because you haven’t heard her yet. Check out her new song, Crumbs from her upcoming album of the same name.

Some of my favorite songs:
“The Puzzle” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Temporary Dive” is a beautiful song about depression (A Temporary Dive)
“Treehouse Song” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Changing of the Seasons” (Changing of the Seasons)
“Worship” (It All Starts with One)


Find her in the ether:



Crumbs (out soon!)
Leave me Breathless (live-2018)
Live at Berwaldhallen (with The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra – 2018)
Leave Me Breathless (2017)
When I’m Free (2015)
Songs Tour 2013 (2013)
Rarites (2013)
Songs 2003-2013 (2013)
It All Starts with One (2011)
Live at Stockholm Concert Hall (2009)
Sketches (2008)
Changing of the Seasons (2008)
Live in Scandinavia (2007)
A Temprorary Dive (2005)
Duets (2005)
Spending Time with Morgan (2003)

Here are some videos:



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Podcast Rec :: Spooked

Spooked Podcast

Today’s podcast recommendation is “Snapped Judgement Presents Spooked“.

Glynn Washington and his amazing voice that is both calming and spooky is your host for “Spooked“.
If you’re looking for something truly spooky, like I mean really…this is a good one.
I don’t scare easily and none of these so far have legit scared me, like losing sleep…but this is probably as close as I’ll get. I’ve definitely been creeped out and gotten some chills.
I’d say if you like “Full Body Chills” you’ll like this too, except these are true stories told by people who lived them, so even spookier!

Some of my favorite episodes:
The Watcher
Lost in Time
A Friend in the Forest
The Black Rose
Creepy Crawly
37 Seconds