Discovery :: Gordi

Gordi is a pop-folk singer and producer based in Australia.

Sophie Payten (her given name) according to Wikipedia “worked at Prince of Wales Hospital as a doctor, after completing her medical studies at The University of New South Wales in 2018.” Yes, a doctor.

I discovered Gordi through the feature on Amazon music called My Discovery Mix. It just plays songs it thinks you will like and I have to say their algorithms are pretty spot on. It was first playing stuff from her 2017 release, Reservoir (I don’t recall which song) but I liked it enough to make a note to check out her other music.

I think I like her new album, Our Two Skins even better. “Aeroplane Bathroom” is really pretty. Her sound is sort of echoey, ethereal. There are some nice harmonies and cool melodies. Some of the songs have a bit of an 80s feel (my heart). I guess it’s the guitars. Anyway, I really hope you check out her music. Like, subscribe, stream, buy the album, etc.


Official Site




Podcast Rec :: Record Club

Record Club

Remember a few weeks ago (or was it months now, who can tell?) when I recommended the podcast, Mortified? Well, I stumbled upon the musical version of this. No, not in that embarrassing teen issues are done in musical form, though I’d totally be here for that. Someone, please do this!

But this is a storytelling podcast that takes an iconic album and then has guests talk about what that album meant to them.
I love this because music to me has never been like “oh that chord progression, oh that bridge harkens back to…” I’m not that musically savvy. For me, it’s simply how it makes me feel and what was happening in my life when I heard it. If this is you too, please check out this podcast. I think you’ll like it.

Note: I discovered this one a while back, but at the time they only had a few episodes so I wanted to wait until there were more so you could binge it.

This is the closest I could find to a “home” page for them. With much searching I do not see a website, Facebook, or Instagram for them. But you can listen here:

Listen To


or any other podcast app.

*if you know their social media or website, please pop it in the comments and I’ll update this post!

Discovery :: King Princess

King Princess

Mikaela Mullaney Straus, better known by her stage name King Princess, is an American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer from Brooklyn, New York.
She is signed to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Records.
In 2018 she released a few singles that gained her some notoriety, and then released her debut album, Cheap Queen, in 2019.
(reference, Wikipedia)

I discovered her when Amazon Music recommended her to me. I liked her enough to put her in my Ladies Night mix on Amazon Music. I shuffle that playlist every day and when I hear something I really like I ask Alexa who it is, and 9 times out of ten it’s King Princess.

Her sound ranges from contemporary pop to R&B to hard rock. It’s apparent watching her videos that she is an actress as well. She seems pretty comfortable playing different characters in them and it’s a joy to watch!

She does a cool version of the old Turtle’s classic, So Happy Together with Mark Ronson. But my favorites of her originals are Cheap Queen, Homegirl, Tough on Myself, but her video for Ohio is a wild ride!


I’m excited to see what else she puts out there and how popular she gets. I mean, she has over 750 THOUSAND Instagram followers, so…




Podcast Rec :: Giving it Up for Less

Giving it up logo

Meet my new best friend, Lauren Ash*.


Do you watch Superstore? Do you know the character Dina? THAT”s her, and she’s awesome.


The tagline is “the podcast about oversharing” and it sure delivers. This is one of those shows where you listen and feel like you’re sitting in the room chatting with friends. 


Her guests are often people she knows, but occasionally she invites people that she knows of, but doesn’t know personally yet and it’s fun to ‘watch’ them become friends.


Each episode has a theme, like Middle School Traumas, Pet Owner Fails, Hellish Holidays, etc.


She’s just the coolest. She talks fast, loves Prosecco and is hilarious.


*I know I can’t be best friends with her because her bestie is Leslie Seiler, but a gal can dream.





Discovery :: Overcoats

Overcoats band

Overcoats is a New York-based electronic-pop duo consisting of singer-songwriters Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. They met on their first day of freshman year at Wesleyan University where they sat next to each other in an ‘Intro to Anthropology’ class. Their debut album, YOUNG, was released in 2017. Their latest album, The Fight came out in March of 2020.

When asked to describe their music the answer is: “It’s like Radiohead, but cool.”
I don’t know if Radiohead is what I think of when I hear them, but what I do hear are beautiful voices harmonizing wonderfully together. Think First Aid Kit without the country twang, maybe a titch of HAIM thrown in. The first song I heard of theirs was Leave the Light On and it remains one of my favorites.

When asked what is their favorite city to play in, they say: “We love all the cities equally. (Minneapolis)”. I hope someday to see them play here if the world ever opens up and it’s safe to go downtown again.

Here’s a cool article about them from American Songwriter magazine

Official Site

Social Media:

Support them on Patreon

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