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Collected Sounds began as a website dedicated to women in music though it has somewhat shifted focus to include male artists.

This blog will focuses on mainly independent musicians, mostly female musicians – just because I tend to like the female voice more, singer songwriters, in the genres of folk, pop, rock, alternative and more.


Why the name”Collected Sounds”?

It was inspired by a song by Dar Williams called “What Do You Hear In These Sounds” in which she sings, “I collect these sounds in my ears”. She is not referring to music, but
I sort of think of my music listening as collecting sounds.

Why make a site for Women in Music?

I created this site because I wanted there to be a place where people could come
to learn about new female artists and uncover some music that might not be found on
the radio or on Music Television channels. I have recently added men as well.

Then why have Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco and the like?

Well, because I love those women and it’s my site, so there! No, really, it’s
because I started getting emails from people saying, “Why don’t you have ‘so and so’,
and ‘this person’?” So I made a classics spotlight section to honor those women
that we already know and love (which has since been merged with regular spotlights). That and these two are kind of pioneers in this endeavor.


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