A personal note and warning!

People, watch your drinks!

Just a note out there to all my readers/visitors who go to bars, coffee shops, etc. Please please, watch your beverage at all times. Take it with you to the bathroom. Don’t rely on your tablemates to watch it for you, especially if you’re seated right AT the bar. I was drinking a regular drink, but this can happen to anyone drinking anything.

Friday night I was slipped the date-rape drug. Rohypnol. I am not the type that would normally have this happen to her. I am not a young, cute, single thing, looking to chat with cute boys at the bar. I was with my husband and another male friend, but I was sitting on the edge and apparently the little sh*t next to me was under the impression I was alone at the time he drugged me. Either that or he was testing it to use on other girls later in the evening.

I was at a bar that I go to a lot, I know all the bartenders (none saw anything either) and even know many of the regulars (not this particular delinquent, however).

He also did not look like the type you would associate with criminal activity. He was quite young (early 20s?), cute, clean-shaven, almost preppy attire, talkative, etc. Though looking back, he never let me see his face straight on, always looked at me at an angle. I know that jerks come in all shapes and clothing but I really thought he was an innocent young kid.

He butted into a conversation that I was having with the bartender by putting his hand on my back. I thought that was a little weird and gave him one of those ‘is that appropriate?’ looks. He just turned on the charm and said he was interested in what I was saying. I thought this strange and even checked my wallet because I had some doubts about him. Never dreamed he’d drug me.

Apparently I missed somewhere around four hours of time while my husband and friend tried to revive me. It was very scary for all of us.

I won’t go into all the details, but here are some of the effects, I had every one of these (except of course I didn’t take my own blood pressure):

· slowing of psychomotor performance
· muscle relaxation
· decreased blood pressure
· sleepiness, and/or amnesia.
· Headaches
· memory impairment
· dizziness
· nightmares
· confusion
· tremors.

Please, please be careful when you’re out. Watch your drinks. Don’t trust anyone you don’t know (hell, maybe you shouldn’t even trust all of the ones you do know!)

Be careful out there.

Here is a link to what it does:
White House Drug Policy

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