Album Review: 100 Years of Silence by So A.D.D

Album Name: 100 Years of Silence
Artist: So A.D.D
Year/Label: 2008 / Scared Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Jol’e Williams makes up So A.D.D and this is her debut album.

She darts impatiently between musical styles and that lives up to the band name.

Potential Disaster sounds a bit Goth with swirly guitars and a strong lead vocal.

Dark Night is a whispery lullaby that’s nonetheless on the sinister side. Williams is good at that sort of a thing.

Brown Eyes has a rough, garagey feel and Williams vocal slithers like a snake.

Joseph Arthur’s “When I was running out of time” gets covered in a very nice way.

Jol’e Williams has made an album that’s worth hearing and she’s a talented artist.

Posted June 11, 2008

Track Listing
Listen to track samples while you read

1 Potential Disaster
2 I Wish
3 Straitjacket
4 Don’t Trip
5 Dark Night
6 Fire’s Burnin’
7 Micasa
8 Brown Eyes
9 Pretty Shocker
10 There I Go
11 When I Was Running Out of Time
12 Why Am I Here?
13 100 Years of Silence
14 I Miss You

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