Album Review: 57 Suspect Words by Vanessa Lowe

Album Name: 57 Suspect Words
Artist: Vanessa Lowe
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

In March of 2003 I reviewed Vanessa Lowe’s second CD, “Barnacles of Joy” and liked it very much

This recording starts out strong with “Sounds Like” which has a solid beat that’s a tad funky. It almost has a 60s rock feel.

Her voice is similar to Lisa Loeb’s but her overall sound is really all her own. Her fabulous way with words is back and strong as ever. This is really strong intelligent pop music. The songs seep into your psyche and you don’t even realize it until you put the CD in again and realize you know the songs. Spooky and wonderful.

“Darwinian Darts” is a certain stand out for me. The concept caught my attention and won’t let go. It helps that the song is just really catchy and sticks in your brain,

So let’s play Darwinian Darts
Stand very straight and hold very still
The goal is to maim, not to kill
So let’s play Darwinian Darts

Other standouts are “Steady in the Draft” with its kind of dirge-y sound and nice bass line and “The Tells” for its picture-painting lyrics.

Really all the songs are great. This is a fantastic recording and I hope it gives Vanessa Lowe the attention she so well deserves. When I get CDs like “57 Suspect Words” (and I don’t that often) it reminds me why I do this.

Posted on March 24, 2004

Track Listing
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1. Sounds Like
2. Growing a Word
3. Your Worried Mind
4. Sandy Water
5. Darwinian Darts
6. Steady in the Draft
7. Carry Me Home
8. Whistling
9. The Tells
10. Love on Your Arm
11. Thin Window
12. Ashes of…

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