Album Review: A Lazy Kind of Love by Sarah Moule

Album Name: A Lazy Kind of Love
Artist: Sarah Moule
Year/Label: 2008 / Red Ram Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sarah Moule performs contemporary jazz with real sass and a pair of mean pipes.

The lovely title track was co-written by British writer Julie Burchill. Moule’s vocals are just right for the atmosphere.

I Fall in Love Too Easily swings it like it means it and has a nice laid back vibe.

I Was Lost is an intoxicating and sexy take on the song, Moule’s smouldering vocals at their best.

Devil May Care gets a swinging rendition and shows the singer at her best.

Sarah Moule’s new record is a real treat.

Track Listing
1. A Lazy Kind of Love
2 I Fall In Love Too Easily
3 It’s Not Your Night
4 I Will Write my Book
5 Secret of Silence
6 Hyde Side Blues
7 I Was Lost
8 In A Matter Of Moments
9 Remind Me
10 Living in Overdrive
11 The Flowers And The Wine
12 Sounds Like Goodbye
13 Devil May Care
14 The Last Smoker

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