Album Review: A New Kind of Love by Robin Spielberg

Album Name: A New Kind of Love
Artist: Robin Spielberg
Year/Label: 2008 playMountain Music

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

When I was growing up we had the coolest basement, it was huge and had a wet bar. Not that it was ever used for that, but I still hung out there. Probably explains my grown up love for happy hour.

Anyway, my mother taught dancing in this basement. I still have fond memories of being little and laying in bed while classical piano music came up through the vents while she was teaching ballet (this is when I had to be in bed by 8…it’s not like she had class in the middle of the night or anything).

So my long standing love for piano music continues. This album is so gorgeous. It makes just want to “unplug” and close my eyes and drift. Best I not listen to this while driving, eh?

I am not a composer or a pianist (despite my several years of lessons aside and much to my parents’ chagrin) so I won’t get too technical. But I know that it hits the spot. Especially on stressful days.

Perfect day dreaming music.

Hey all my musician friends, please comment if you are familiar with this music and can add something substantial about the musicianship or compositions…clearly I am not equipped. 🙂

Track Listing
1. I Remember Spring
2. A Walk Between the Raindrops
3. Until You Come Home
4. The Orange Fox Waits
5. This Busy Life
6. Hymn
7. My Memory
8. Picking Flowers
9. A New Kind of Love
10. Starlight
11. Seeing You Seeing Me
12. Winter Sonata
13. I Dream of You
14. Eileen
15. It’s All Just As Well

[Robin Spielberg Official Site]


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