Album Review: A View of the Sky by Paleo

Album Name: A View of the Sky
Artist: Paleo
Year/Label: 2010 / Partisan Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Paleo is a solo artist who records a sort of lo-fi music with some gusto. His new record has a unique sound, all dissonant vocals and weird tunes. At times I’m reminded of other lo-fi names like Lou Barlow, mostly he’s original.

The title track and opener works just fine, the vocals and melody come together nicely.

Too in Love to Die is a gentle hush that frames Paleo’s earnest vocal well. It’s one of the best songs here.

Good Blood sounds like it got left in the sun too long and melted as a result. The scattered remains of the song still tells quite a story.

Everything Must Go is quite lovely, Paleo’s vocals framed by a spare backing. His words have plenty of bite.

This is a fine album.

Track Listing
1. A View Of The Sky
2. World’s Smallest Violin
3. The King James Fakebook
4. Too In Love To Die
5. From The Sky Down
6. Good Blood
7. Hello And Behold
8. The Deal
9. Man Oh Man (Why Oh Why)
10. The Password
11. Everything Must Go
12. Me And Mabelene
13. You In Your New Wintercoat

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