Album Review: About this Girl by The Histrioniks

Album Name: About this Girl
Artist: The Histrioniks
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

First of all, how great is the name Histrioniks?

I reviewed the debut CD from this band back in and I liked it quite a bit. It was odd and hard to describe, but I liked it.

This album is quite different from that one. But you know what? I like it even more. And I’m not just saying that because they thanked me in their liner notes. Honestly.

As with the last one, it’s a little hard to describe, which is why I suggest listening to the samples (and why I love CDBaby so much for offering this). So instead of trying to describe it, I’ll just say what I like about it. There’s something so fun about these songs. You can’t help but wiggle a little in your office chair…or barstool. The melodies are interesting and intricate. The performances are charming and very well done. This band is very talented.

“Whiskers A Go-Go” has a bit of a 60s beach music feel to it. In fact many of the songs do.

“I’m So Lonely’ is downright haunting. Love it.

This is just a really well thought out, well-executed, and above all fun record and I hope the Histioniks continue to put out unique and interesting music for the discerning ear.

Posted on November 18, 2006

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Underneath It All
2. Whiskers A Go-Go
3. Saints In Atticus
4. I’m So Lonely
5. Fingers In The Rain
6. Perpendicular
7. My Name Was Yes
8. Woman Of The Tunes
9. Anger Cherry
10. Dominique
11. Gone
12. Picture Perfect Disrepair

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