Album Review: All I Have by Beth Champion Mason

Album Name: All I Have
Artist: Beth Champion Mason
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Digman

Lyrically theological and musically moving, Beth Champion Mason describes her debut CD “All I Have”, as…”melodic modern rock with distinct balladic tendencies.”

After seriously pursing songwriting for six years (and still pursing) Mason decided …” it was just time to put some of my music in a more permanent form. I love sharing my music, and doing a CD project was a way to share it with many more people than I could reach playing live venues. The title of the CD came form a song that I wrote after most of the rest of the project was finished. The name ‘All I Have’ seemed to fit not only that song, but the whole collection, which had shaped up to be sort of an offering.”

And a musical offering it is. Ten-tracks of Melodic Christian Rock that beautifully crosses-over into the Non-Christian musical environment… and it is a good listen, no matter what your religion – is, or is not!

The strength (the musical muscle) of this CD is the vocal density of her ballads. They are well thought-out (written) and are well performed (sung).

Listen to “Psalm 107”, “Beauty From the Ashes” or “I’ll Come Running” (tracks, 3,7 and 9 respectively). All three songs are representations of good power writing skills and singing vocal integrity, which means: a completeness of tonality. Or in her words…” a good vocalist has to saturate every note with emotion” and in my words-she does!

© Steven Digman 2003

Posted on April 20, 2003

Track Listing
1. I Am Your Child
2. All I Have
3. Psalm 107
4. Ruler Of The Universe
5. Good Enough
6. Carry Me
7. Beauty From The Ashes
8. What Have I To Offer?
9. I’ll Come Running
10. Just Beyond

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