Album Review: Anamnesis by Shauna Burns


Album Name: Anamnesis
Artist: Shauna Burns
Year/Label: 2009 / Red Rock Music LLC

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

We here at Collected Sounds have been following Shauna Burns for years. What’s really cool is to see an artist evolve from record to record.

In my review of her last record, The Moon and Fire Circle I mentioned that her songs sounded similar to each other. But when it’s gorgeous I don’t mind. However, on this EP, she really stepped out of her comfort zone. These songs are not samey at all.

The first track, Smell begins in a pretty similar way to her previous work: echoey vocals, intricate piano, layered and dreamy. It being almost muffled, then 2 minutes in it spins out about into a really full sound.

The next song, A Letter, is so different from what I am used to with her, I had to do a double take to see if it was really her. But of course that lovely voice is unmistakable. I’d say she’s channeling her inner Cornflake Girl on this one. There’s even guitar! Yes, guitar. No I’m serious!

Driving Far is also really different. It’s got a much crisper, cleaner feeling. It’s also more uptempo than I’m used to for her.

I think you’ll like this one even if you loved her previous records, it’s different but no less enchanting. I mean, it’s still Shauna right?

Oh and did I mention her hottie new look? Yeah.

Track Listing
1. Smell
2. A Letter
3. Wind
4. Driving Far
5. So Tell Me

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