Album Review: Animals (11 Songs) by Son of the Velvet Rat


Album Name: Animals (11 Songs )
Artist: Son of the Velvet Rat
Year/Label: 2009 / Monkey Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Son of the Velvet Rat is a project headed up by Georg Altziebler.*

For some reason, the band name made me think was going to be kind of hard rock. Boy was I wrong. It’s largely beautiful piano and throaty, smokey vocals.

Some of these songs are almost lullabies. Very peaceful and soothing. Others do rock out a bit, but never too hard. Same Monkey actually has a bit of a late- 80s cool rock sound.

Dumb Bird then takes things down a notch or several and has a Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen sound. Actually all these songs are of that style.

The title Play a Ghost Note on My Soul is enough to pull me in, but the song is super cool also. It actually reminds me a little of Radiohead.

This is a very cool, dark record and one I’ll be listening to for awhile. Note the alternate title is a tad misleading since there are actually 14 songs on the record.

*Other players:
Albrecht Klinger (guitar)
Bernhard Wimmer (drums, percussion)
Christian Eitner (bass)
Heike Binder (vocals, keys, melodica)

Track Listing
01 Sand Mountain
02 Perfect Picture Still
03 Same Monkey (In A Different Zoo)
04 Dumb Bird
05 La Vache qui rit
06 Stay Aroud
07 Play A Ghost Note On My Soul
08 Do You Love Me?
09 Parrot Song
10 Come Help Me
11 Language Is A Mule
12 Hotel Song No2 (Bonus Track)
13 Straight Ahead (Bonus Track)
14 Fall With Me (Bonus Track)

[Son of the Velvet Rat Official Site]

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