Album Review: Ankle Deep by Trace Fury

Album Name: Ankle Deep
Artist: Trace Fury
Year/Label: 2001 / Lab Rat Revolution Recordings

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Trace Fury is quirky yet dark and deep. The group’s first recording impresses. Chrissy Loftus and Nina Pendergast front the group. The use of piano on some tracks may lead thoughts to Tori Amos, but here is a spirit that’s th bands own and an adventurous strain that sets them apart from any copy cats.

“Candidate of Mind” is jazzy and expansive. The two lead singers voices intertwine beautifully here.

“Small World” starts out with a delicate feel, then builds the intensity gradually. The vocals go from barely audible to passionate in a very artful way.

“Body Double” is driven by a Bjork-ish lead vocal and a great use of Mark Gallagher’s saxophone.

Trace Fury’s debut is a marvel of an album that should dazzle anyone who hears it.

Posted on July 21, 2002

Track Listing
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1. Ivory Shores
2. Candidate of Mind
3. Small World
4. Outbound
5. Image
6. Behind Us Now
7. Fire Under Ice
8. Greatness Falls
9. Stay
10. Ones in Black
11. Body Double
12. Beyond the Realm

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