Album Review: Any Old Iron by Not Waving but Drowning


Album Name: Any Old Iron
Artist: Not Waving but Drowning
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Not Waving but drowning have a lively sound that’s hard to pinpoint on this debut album.
Their influences seem to be many and varied.

Let’s Go Dancing sees a charming interplay of vocals lead to a merry dance with macabre lyrics.

In Flames has intriguing lyrics about bloody horror or simple existential dread of mortality. The lead vocal is seemingly unfazed by all this and the tune nicely skips along at a decent pace with enough twist and turns to make it cool.

Sick is a suitably macabre waltz, with a passionate lead vocal by Pinky Weitzman, though the words as ever are twisted.

Wreck of the Evening Star is beautifully written and turns heavy rock with conviction.

Not Waving but drowning are clearly not like other bands, and all the better for it.

Track Listing
1 Let’s Go Dancing
2 Maypole
3 In Flames
4 Blood Oranges
5 Sick
6 Thin Red Lines
7 Wreck of the Evening Star
8 Lowlands
9 From/to
10 Drowned Man’s Ball

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