Album Review: Banging the Rocks by Sharp Practise

Album Name: Banging the Rocks
Artist: Sharp Practise
Year/Label: 2010 / Ryehabour Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Nigel Clothier has fronted Sharp Practise for eleven years now, and it shows. The new album is rock with a real heart to it.

Sound of Rock is a low-key celebratory track with a witty lyric and some great guitar playing by Simon Foley.

Girls Don’t Look is a funny look at contemporary mores which avoids being too preachy.

Screw the Earth is a bitter look at the environmental issues facing us all. The tune is upbeat and tight to boot.

Monsoon Rain is an upbeat, happy tune with some great guitar lines. Clothier’s vocal is energized also.

It’s a terrific album all told.

Track Listing
1. Sound Of Rock
2. Question of Love
3. My Revolution
4. Girls Don’t Look
5. Nothing is More
6. Screw The Earth
7. I will decide
8. Hook in My heart
9. Bring on the summer
10. Monsoon rain
11. Come to know
12. Season of the Rose

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