Album Review: Beautiful Collision by Bic Runga

Album Name: Beautiful Collision
Artist: Bic Runga
Year/Label: 2002 / Sony

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

For those of you who fell in love with Bic’s first CD, “Drive” in 1998 and have been waiting patiently for more, you’re in luck. Recently released in the US, “Beautiful Collision” is as incredible as “Drive” if not more.

At very first listen I was hooked. But then again, I think Bic has one of the most gorgeous, charming, “fall-in-love-with” voices I’ve ever heard. These songs are pop-y and catchy for the most part, but Bic is also very good at the sweet ballad.

“When I See You Smile” is a short sweet little love song that sets the mood of the CD.

I would say that “Something Good” is the equivalent of “Sway” from the last album in terms of the one with most “single” potential. But really almost any song here could be a single.

“Honest Goodbye’s” is a waltz, which you don’t hear everyday because it’s hard to do without being cheesy, but this is great.

Bic has stretched her musicianship a bit on this CD, not only playing guitar (twelve-string, acoustic and electric), but drums, dobro, Wurlitzer, piano, harmonica, and if that weren’t enough, she also produced this album. Oh and of course, wrote and composed all the songs. This is talent. I just can’t understand why she’s not more famous. Maybe this CD will take her where she deserves to be.

Posted on November 15, 2002

Track Listing
1. When I See You Smile
2. Get Some Sleep
3. Something Good
4. Precious Things
5. The Be All and End All
6. Election Night
7. Honest Goodbyes
8. She Left on a Monday
9. Beautiful Collision
10. Listening for the Weather
11. Counting the Days
12. Gravity

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Rating: 5 Stars
great cd my favourite song is Counting the Days. She’s probably not more famous because she’s from NZ, but I heard her albums doing quite well in Ireland now too.

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