Album Review: Bittersweet Constrain by Jill Tracy

Album Name: Bittersweet Constrain
Artist: Jill Tracy
Year/Label: 2008 / 125 Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Jill Tracy is one of the early-discovered artists on this site. I am pretty sure I would never have heard of her at that time if I had not been doing this. I’m so glad I did. I fell in love with her album, Diabolical Streak and listened to it constantly.

I would plop this record in the same vein as that one. It’s spooky, sexy, slinky, and has a transcendent old tyme feel.

She sings of dark things, and I guess the music is dark too, but in a clever, mischievous way rather than a slit your wrists way. It’s not depressing at all. Just a little sinister.

I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to finish the review of this record. I’ve been listening to it for weeks, maybe months. I really like it. I mean it’s classic Jill Tracy and that’s good. I guess it’s just hard to come up with things to say that haven’t already been said by myself or someone else.

I think this is a fantastic, mood setting record and if you’re into the darker, creepy sort of thing you’ll adore it too.

Track Listing
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1 Haunted By The Thought Of You
2 Sell My Soul
3 Room 19
4 The Water Flows So Slow
5 I Can’t Shake It
6 grey #11
7 In Between Shades
8 Torture
9 Where Shadows Fall
10 The Somnabulist Waltz
11 Petrified
12 Treasure

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