Album Review: Bloody Hands in Love by Nathalie Matteau and Les Hommes Perdus


Album Name: Bloody Hands in Love
Artist: Nathalie Matteau and Les Hommes Perdus
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Nathalie Matteau has released an ep, and now she’s back with a dynamite full length, with her band.

Her cabaret style is intact, and high jinks ensue.

Clues and Lies is familiar from the ep and it’s still a vampy tale of crime and such with a great vocal.

Get in the Car is swinging and sexy as Matteau gets to the heart of the matter with a powerful song.

Time waits For No Man is splendidly cool, Matteau singing of being a bad girl, which sounds like fun. The band gives her the requisite oompah backing.

La complainte de la Seine is a Kurt Weill song, which is hardly a surprise on this album. It’s spirited and fun too.

Matteau’s made a great debut.

Track Listing
Clues and Lies
Get in the Car
Kir Royal
Ich Trinke
Pas les Vendredis soirs
Time Waits For No Man
De Kraaien
You’re mon Paris
La complainte de la Seine
Tes Mains Pures
Visting Hours
Road to Hell

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