Album Review: Blue Cotton Skin by Petracovich

Album Name: Blue Cotton Skin
Artist: Petracovich
Year/Label: 2003 / Red Buttons Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

The dreamy sounds of Petracovich are created by Jessica Peters and some ace musicians. She sings in a confident but soft voice.

“Fall from trees” is sublime. Its drifting textures and angelic vocals entrance. It’s a little bit like a less world-weary Portishead.

“Bird’s in Flight” has a euphoric feel to it despite being pretty slow. The harmonies are astonishing.

“Coyote and the Moon” is like a pop version of an ambient mood piece.

“Driving Home” is a more creative take on Americana than I’ve heard in a long while. Its subtle use of strings is lovely.

“Company” is heartbreakingly lovely and has a disarming simplicity to it. Peters’ delivery is haunting here.

It’s a marvellous debut that bodes well for Petracovich’s future.

Posted on June 8, 2003

Track Listing
1. Nighttime
2. Fall From Trees
3. Bird’s in Flight
4. Coyote and the Moon
5. Driving Home
6. Water House
7. Company
8. Rosebud
9. Footsteps

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