Album Review: Blue Parade by Sarah Slean

Album Name: Blue Parade
Artist: Sarah Slean
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

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Review by Sophie

Here was my initial impression of ‘Blue Parade’: aa, it’s nice, typical Sarah Slean, all the songs sort of sound the same, nothing on this recording to rival “I Know” or “John 23rd”.

OK, before the hate mail starts a-coming my way, let me repeat that this was my INITIAL impression. I didn’t toss it into the reject pile. I brought it with me in the car and just kept listening to it and listening to it and listening… until it was all-consuming and I couldn’t imagine even having the desire to listen to anything else. I thought all the songs sounded the same? How could I have thought that!! Yes, they sort of fit into a certain genre, but they do not all sound the same. I sort of hate to list favorites, but I can’t help it — I’ll do it anyway: “Narcolepsy Weed”, “Bonnie’s Song”, “Twin Moon” and “Blue Parade”. Those are probably my main ones. Of course I also love “High” and “Playing Cards With Judas”. Well, I guess that’s almost the whole album!! There is not one song that I dislike. Oh, I forgot to mention “Awake Soon”. How could I have forgotten that one?

My avocation is writing and yet, as that saying goes which way too many people have taken credit for over the years, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. And so my words fail me here. I find here a young woman – still in the process of developing her talent – who is not afraid to be fragile and, paradoxically, becomes strong for having that quality. Her music is beautiful, ethereal, etc… All these adjective have been used to death to describe her music, I’m sure.

I love “Blue Parade”. And it’s taking a little trip around the world: I bought a copy for my 18-year-old niece in Russia, who loves everything I send her (I turned her on to Tori), and I know she will love this CD, too.

Posted on January 1, 2000

Track Listing
1. Playing Cards with Judas
2. Bonnies Song
3. My Invitation
4. Before Your Time
5. Habit
6. Twin Moon
7. Awake Soon
8. HIgh
9. Eliot
10. Blue Parade
11. Narcolepsy Weed
Hidden Track: Madeliene

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