Album Review: Bonfire Diaries by Metal Mother

Album Name: Bonfire Diaries
Artist: Metal Mother
Year/Label: 2011 / Post Primal

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Tara Tati is Metal Mother and on this fascinating album she sues her talents to create ethereal yet grounded music.

Ashes is a dreamy song that sees Tati use her witchy voice against an interesting backdrop. It’s kind of like a less surreal Cocteau Twins.

Post Weekend is a becalmed piece with plenty of space to develop in. Tati’s vocals are serene and poised.

Lost Story weaves eerie vocals into an intriguing song that Tati easily inhabits. It’s almost unbearably lovely.

The closing Billy Cruz is a wonderfully strident song with a memorable tune. Tati’s dreamy vocals are the icing on the cake.

It’s a lovely album.

Track Listing
1. Shake
2. Ashes
3. In The Bones
4. Post Weekend
5. Vices
6. ‘W’
7. Lost Story
8. Gold Lasso
9. Gold Lasso, Unfolded
10. Willow
11. Billy Cruz

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