Album Review: Bound to be Mountains by Rachel Garlin

RACHEL GARLIN: Bound to be Mountains

Album Name: Bound to be Mountains
Artist: Rachel Garlin
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Today when it came time to sit with this album, one on one, I was excited. It’s been shuffling for a month or so and each time one of her songs came up I did the “oooh I like! Who’s this?!” So it’s safe to say I love this record. Really love it.

Rachel Garlin has a very pretty voice. It’s sweet, and soft but not wimpy. Just comfortable.

The songs have lovely melodies and are as peaceful as her vocals.

Stand out songs for me include the title track Bound to be Mountains.

Hey Garrett. I love that she rhymes ‘Garrett’ with ‘tear it’. It’s got nice harmonies too.

I Have, I Will is lovely.

Broke Down House is a fun uptempo song. Whenever when she says “…a shady tree…” I think she’s saying another word that begins with “sh” and ends with “y”. But geeze, I love this song. It’s so cute and fun to sing along to.

Another favorite that’s already made it onto a mix CD for my car is Wartime Gig. It’s a sweet story song about a child being plucked from her single-mother family in Manhattan to go live in the country while the mother was away for the war. I assume it’s a previous war so probably not autobiographical, but I could be wrong.

This is definitely one of my new favorites. Time to make a copy to keep in my car so I can become really addicted like I did with Lex Land’s album.

Track Listing
1. Jamaica Hurricane
2. Bound to Be Mountains
3. Hey Garrett
4. Decisions & Desires
5. I Have, I Will
6. Broke Down House
7. Travel with You
8. Better
9. Wartime Gig
10. Neighborhood bar
11. Love her a Lot
12. Make it Last

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