Album Review: Breathe With Me by Athena

Album Name: Breathe With Me
Artist: Athena
Year/Label: 2007 / Embraceable Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Athena Andreadis debut ep was a thrilling release and on this full-length her talent blossoms.

The singer resides in London and her Greek heritage has colored her songs but she sings in English.

“Recently Scarred” is a heart-breaking song of loss with a stirring chorus that Andreadis carries effortlessly.

“Green Eyes” was one of the ep’s highlights and it’s still a lovely song.

“Pretty Things” is catchy but sad, Andreadis singing is at its best.

“All I See Is You” aches with a strong flame, Athena projecting all her strength into it.

Her debut is very special.

Posted on April 4, 2007

Track Listing
1. To Be With You
2. Recently Scarred
3. Inside Out
4. Green Eyes
5. Pretty Things
6. Shades Of Grey
7. All I See Is You
8. Wooden Horse
9. Running To You
10. Eden (Garden State)
11. Let Me In
12. Breathe Again

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