Album Review: Brooklyn Cowgirl by Judy Klass

Album Name: Brooklyn Cowgirl
Artist: Judy Klass
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

OK I am not usually a fan of country music, but I kind of fell for this CD when I heard the first song. Not only are the lyrics clever (“Now she’s become her own cheap date/Now she’s drunk on Corona/and it seems a fittin’ fate”) but the melody is catchy (though predictable) and cute. Your typical country song, though the sort you’d hear in a dive bar in a small town, not the kind Shania Twain sings.

Just look at the song titles and you get the idea. I mean, “Havin’ Sex With your Ex”? Funny, no? Well, that’s actually a pretty sounding ballad, which shows Klass’ vocal skill.

“You Didn’t Think” also showcases Klass’ voice, though it’s darker and smokier here and is really nice, matching the music perfectly. This is a true honky-tonk song.

The liner notes are hilarious. She gives a little description of each song and as her lyrics can attest, she is very witty. Judy Klass reminds me of a country version of Christine Lavin. There is a bit of humor, but also a sweet sensitivity and honesty.

I have to say if all country music were like this I might actually listen to it more often. So I guess there’s a little country in me after all.

Stand out songs: “Alternate Universe” (not very country, in comparison), “He Done Her Wrong” (couldn’t be more country-twangy but is quite loveable-which is high praise coming from me).

Interesting side note: After visiting her site, I learned she writes poetry, screen plays (a Salma Hayak movie) and has written a Star Trek novel! What an interesting woman!

Posted on August 26, 2005

Track Listing
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1. Drunk On One Corona
2. Sex With Your Ex
3. You Didn’t Think
4. Double Zero Year
5. Empty Eyes
6. If It Was Me Leaving You
7. Elvis Lives
8. Falling In Love Again
9. I Do Know What I’m Gonna Do With You
10. Alternate Universe
11. He Done Her Wrong
12. You Have the Right
13. Love Substitute
14. Do You Want Me?
15. Cheap Hotel
16. Bring It On Back to You
17. Queen of Denial
18. Rescue Me (From Obscurity)

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