Album Review: Cardiac Malformations by Thus:Owls

Album Name: Cardiac Malformations
Artist: Thus:Owls
Year/Label: 2010 / Hoob Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Thus:Owls have a weird name, and a sound to match on this starling debut recording. It has something of the Tiny’s classicism tempered by Björk’s restless spirit.

Singer Erika Alexandersson has a terrific, if untamable voice and she uses it well.

Opener Yellow Desert sees her reach untold heights to a good backdrop that’s ever shifting. Her delivery has a little of Karin Dreijer Andersson’s strangeness.

Climbing the Fjelds of Norway has a playful; intriguing sound that suits the song well. Alexandersson’s vocals sound just beautiful here.

The Sun is Burning Our Skin is a ballad that allows the band’s sensitive side to take over. The vocal is set against a soft and supple backing.

A Volcano in My Chest is a little bit dissonant at times but has a good tune to go along with it. Alexandersson wails in a P.J Harvey fashion and it’s fun to hear.

This debut should hopefully win them many fans.

Track Listing
1. Yellow Desert
2. Eagles Coming In
3. Climbing The Fjelds Of Norway
4. Sometimes
5. The Sun Is Burning Our Skin
6. When She Arrived
7. Let Your Blood Run
8. My Thoughts Ain’t Lovely
9. A Volcano In My Chest
10. You Arose To The Gods
11. The Atlantic

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