Album Review: Come by Fading Colours


Album Name: Come
Artist: Fading Colours
Year/Label: 2009 / Big Blue Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Darkwave band Fading Colours have a long history behind them, their new album arrives after a lengthy hiatus.
The new effort sees them firing on all cylinders across two discs.

(I Had to) Come is highly rhythmic and sensuous, singer DeCoy reaching new heights vocally.

Be an Angel Again is hard hitting yet melodic, DeCoy’s vocals playing well off her band mates backing.

Seems Strange is densely throbbing track, with intriguing rhythms and a half-spoken vocal lead. It seems to be the stuff of film soundtracks.

Rose is dreamy and yet has a sinister undertow, another fine example of the bands sound.

The second cd offers more complex treats, making sure the band’s return is worthwhile.

Track Listing
1. Thorn
2. (I had to) come
3. Be an angel again
4. Fade away
5. Distingmipopra
6. Seems strange
7. Salamantra
8. Teutonic Girl
9. Priestess of the unfulfilled
10. Rose
11. Be an angel again..again
12. Feel
13. Eager horse
14. My lips flourish with fire
15. Sirensong
16. Time of returning
17. Drop that mask
18. SaLIEva

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