Album Review: Couleurs by Nicole Renaud


Album Name: Couleurs
Artist: Nicole Renaud
Year/Label: 2008 / Astarte

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Nicole Renaud calls herself a ‘Neo-soprano’ and why not? She’s certainly a soprano and her musical style is a mix of genres. She’s backed by a string quartet here.

The songs are all named after colours, so it’s a thematic album.

Le Gris is a stunning, quietly alarming opener. The vocals are utterly entrancing as is the backing.

Le Noir is sombre, and sees Renaud hit a celestial note or two as she recalls Lisa Gerrard.

Yellow with its piano backing is sweet and supple, the singer at her most beguiling.

Le Bleu with its beautiful melody uses the strings well. It’s a fitting end to a most unusual and beguiling album.

Track Listing
1 Le Gris
2 Le Blanc
3 Le Noir
4 Le Vert
5 Luminosite
6 Yellow
7 Red
8 Obscurite
9 L’argent
10 Le Bleu

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