Album Review: Dangerous by Cabaret Decadence

Album Name: Dangerous
Artist: Cabaret Decadence
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Cabaret Decadence lives up to the name on this offering. Clare and John McCall’s humorous, vampy songs are the center. Clare McCall as her alter ego Clare de Lune presents a subversive blend of music.

Never Talk to Strangers features a classy vocal turn by McCall as she gives it her best Marlene Dietrich to a great melody.
Ginger Snap also known as Bridget Shepherd sings the title song, and she purrs seductively of well, being dangerous.

It really has that late night seedy jazz club in a noir film vibe that it’s aiming for.

I’m a sax kitten and you’re smitten

sings Shepherd.

Topper dares the audience to top McCall’s bawdy tales, which would be a challenge for most people.
It sounds like a track that would be a rocking live track.

Girls from Harlem sees Shepherd alluding to the eponymous girls to a jazzy tune.

Cabaret Decadence must be a great live act and that translates well to this charming record.

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1 Lady of the Night
2 Never Talk to Strangers
3 Cheatin’
4 Walking Stick
5 Dangerous
6 The Bare Essentials
7 Topper
8 This Rose has Thorns
9 Girls from Harlem
10 Gigolo
11 Speakeasy
12 I Want It Both Ways
13 Pretty Please
14 Discipline
15 That’s as Far as I Go

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