Album Review: Darkbloom by Naomi Greenwald

Album Name: Darkbloom
Artist: Naomi Greenwald
Year/Label: 2011 / Transom
(release date January 18)
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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve previously reviewed an ep by Naomi Greenwald, and was looking forward to this full-length album. Thankfully it’s good and her lovely vocals remain charming.

Opener Evan Williams immediately sticks in the mind, with a catchy tune and some lovely harmonies.

Don’t Forget Hallelujah is becalmed and bears a slight resemblance to the Innocence Mission’s stuff. Her vocals are truly gorgeous here.

More Than Perfect is a song that has a sense of grandeur that she inhabits well. Her vocals are sublime here.

Desire to Fall is rockier track that she handles well.

It’s a superb debut all told.

Track Listing
1. Evan Williams
2. Price You Pay
3. Don’t Forget Hallelujah
4. Cautionary Tale
5. More Than Perfect
6. Dark Times
7. Dead Metaphors
8. Desire to Fall
9. Something in the Water
0. Foolish

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