Album Review: Deep Ror-Shak

Album Name: Deep
Artist: Ror-Shak
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

a Review by Amy Producer of Collected Sounds

Ror-Shak is another one of those groups that consists of a couple of staple players and then has guest female vocalists. There are a lot of “bands” out there like this, but I’ve yet to feel that there’s too many. Ror-Shak is a collaboration between DB and Shawn Morris.

The style is somewhere in the electonica, ambient, dance realm. In a similar vein to St. Germain at times, especially on “Be There”.

Many of these vocalists were unfamiliar to me until now; with the exception of Julee Cruise . Cruise sang the theme song Falling for the fabulous show, “Twin Peaks”. Her voice is still mesmerizing.

The other vocalists are great as well and their voices blend very nicely with the music. I especially like The Forest which is a cover of a song previously done (and written) by The Cure. It’s quite different with a female vocalist, but equally haunting and lovely.

This is a very nice collaboration that fans of ambient electronica must hear.

Posted on May 11, 2007

Track Listing
1. Lisa’s Song – (with Lisa Shaw)
2. Fate Or Faith – (with Julee Cruise)
3. Forest, A – (with Chantal Claret)
4. Golden Cage – (with Julee Cruise)
5. Rescue Me – (with Wendy Starland)
6. Interlude #1
7. Be There
8. Love & Pride – (with Wendy Starland)
9. Heist
10. I Don’t Want (A Remake) – (with Julee Cruise)
11. Window Pain – (with Julee Cruise)

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