Album Review: Dico a Tutti Cosi by Roberta Carrieri


Album Name: Dico a Tutti Cosi
Artist: Roberta Carrieri
Year/Label: 2009 / X-Beat

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Roberta Carrieri is an interesting woman. She’s a performance artist, clown and stilt-walker who sings for the group Fiamma Fumana. Her album’s title means “I say this to everyone” and I’ll take her word for it since my Italian’s bad.

Mia madre (My mother) is sweet at least in sound and with a warm vocal and a persuasive melody.

Se Potessi is quite lovely, Carrieri singing forcefully and with great feeling to a strident backing.

Bianca is kinda fun and poppy, Carrieri’s cool voice coming to the fore well. She really has her own style.

The closing title song brings the album to a fitting end, Carrieri sings in relaxed fashion to a soft melody. She’s a gifted performer and her album’s a treat.

Track Listing
1. Vorrei
2. Mia madre
3. Angolino
4. Se potessi
5. Foglie
6. Bianca
7. Non ci sei mai
8. Sereno di pioggia
9. Tu che sei
10. Spalanca
11. Angelo bianco dagli occhi cerchiati
12. Dico a tutti così

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