Album Review: Divining by Chloe March


Album Name: Divining
Artist: Chloe March
Year/Label: 2008 / Powderkeg Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Wow, this is a beautiful record.

Anna Maria reviewed her previous release, [Snowdrop] (I love that title) back in 2004. But being inundated with my own stack of albums to listen and write about, I never got around to checking her out for myself.

March has a voice that blends perfectly with the lush arrangements and intricate piano tinkling. It can be soft almost whispery, and also full and clear.

There is quite a lot going on here musically. The aforementioned twinkly piano, but there are also according to her bio: “marimbas, harp, strings and shimmering beats with French horn, found sounds of paper, glass, and wind chimes.” I really enjoy songs that incorporate many layers and instruments (if paper is an instrument, and heck, why not?) and this is a perfect example of this method done right.

Stand out songs: Written on Water, Sea Bell and title track, Divining.

Seeing as this whole album was inspired by water, it’s no surprise that this is perfect for those cold, rainy days spend under a blanket with tea and a book (and if you’re lucky a dog or cat curled at your feet.)

Track Listing
1 Soft Rain
2 The Last Venetian
3 Written On Water
4 Primavera5 Moat
6 Lollen ~ Lament for Anne Boleyn
7 Ice Release
8 River of Stone
9 Sea Bell
10 Wolvish
11 Dark River Round
12 Divining

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