Album Review: Draw the Line by Marion Square

Album Name: Draw the Line
Artist: Marion Square
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Marion Square is based in Kentucky and consists of McCall Cruse (Vocals and Piano), Brian Goodwin (Guitar, Piano and Electronics), Brent Wilkinson (Lead Guitar), and John Gettelfinger (Bass, Vocals). Personal note…I went to high school with someone with the last name Gettelfinger. I wonder if it’s any relation. I can’t imagine that’s a common name!

For the most part this album is filled with nice pop-rock songs with a jazzy flair and sound female vocals. It actually reminds me of someone from late 90s but I can’t place it.

I particularly dig the intro on “Another Day” but then got annoyed when instead of writing lyrics, they just went ‘woh-woh- woh, yeah, yeah yeah.’ It got really distracting fro me. But I really like the melody, especially the lilting part in the verses.

I like Shaken, it’s got a nice pop-indie sound. Good use of minors. I could live without the electric guitar soloing, but I’m sure guitarists like it. It’s a personal thing.

I like Waltz, her voice sounds really great here. She has a nice lilt but doesn’t overdo it.

This is a good record. The band shows that they know how to rock as well as embrace their softer side and they do both (and all in between) nicely.

Track Listing
1. Draw the Line
2. Fireworks
3. Another Day
4. The Captain
5. Restless
6. Filigree
7. Back to Reality
8. Shaken
9. Waltz
10. Always on Your Side
11. I’m a Stage

[Marion Square Official Site]


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